Friday, September 2, 2011

Seducing Lisa (@sexqueen40)

OK, first let me start with a SO to @sexqueen40 for allowing me to use her AVI as the supplemental material for this post.

For purposes of this story, I'm going to refer to her as "Lisa" although that is not her real name.  Also, I'll issue the disclaimer that this is pure fiction.  @sexqueen40 has already told me she is completely straight.

xxx Gina

It just figures, when I'm not looking for sex, a dozen guys will be falling all over themselves trying to get my attention to impress me.  But now, in this lonely hotel bar, when I specifically came down here to pick up a one-night stand.  There is no one.

Well that isn't exactly true.  There's one other woman, sat at the far end of the bar.  I decide to go sit near her.  Might as well share a conversation at least to pass the time while I wait... fishing for a possible bite a bit later.

"I'm Gina," I say and she responds, "I'm Lisa."  The conversation starts stilted and awkward, but it is not a hurdle that cannot be surmounted by 90 minutes of discussion coupled with 3 drinks a piece.  By the end of that period we're sharing details about our periods and getting along like old friends.

I learn that Lisa had the same idea and is equally disappointed by our lack of studly suitors.  We both lament our bad luck, looking at the wall clock realizing last-call is in just a few minutes.

"I guess it'll be the frisky ferret tonight," I casually throw out to her, amazed at my ease in admitting my intention for self-pleasuring back in the room.  Lisa replies, "I don't even have that option.  I came ill prepared."  We both have a good laugh about it.

As the final minutes tick away I think silently to myself.  There were a few hints... that Lisa might be bisexual like me.  She complimented my clothing; told me she enjoyed my perfume; called me sexy & beautiful.  It's true none of these things are a sure giveaway, but they open the door to the possibility.  And I really prefer human interaction to a vibrator any day.

As the bartender starts shutting off the lights, we both get up and leave heading towards our rooms.  We share an elevator and conveniently we're both on floor 3.

I take my chances now and ask, "I don't suppose you're bi, are you?  Because I am, and if you were interested, I could maybe come back to your room or vice-versa for a little while?"

Lisa replies, "I thought you were..." and my heart soars in anticipation.  She continues, "but... no I am not," and my spirits crash just as quickly.

It's an awkward moment but she eases the tension by joking, "but if I were I'd be interested, you're a very sexy girl."

"Thanks," I offer a patronizing smile.  Her efforts are not lost on me,but yet I'm still deflated.

The elevator opens and we exit.  Fate again has our rooms located down the same hallway.  We walk part-way down and get to mine first.  I stop and offer a handshake, "It was really nice meeting you Lisa."

She looks at my hand and then offers instead a hug.  We embrace and I really wish now she was bi, because it feels so good to grasp her in my arms.

"Take care," she says as she kisses me on the cheek.  "You too," I reply and turn to kiss her back, but the alcohol is making me quite brazen.  I don't offer just a little peck-n-run.  I come in slowly and sensually and give her a soft-touch nuzzle with my nose and a gentle soft, lingering kiss on the cheek.

Since we're still embracing I can feel her body shudder almost involuntarily, but she doesn't withdraw.  So I do it again and this time add a playful nibble of her earlobe after.

Lisa's visibly shaken.  She looks torn between running away and discarding her inhibitions.  I'm still damn horny, so I know which way I'd like her to decide.  I go in for the kill and plant a soft kiss on her lips.

For a few seconds, she kisses me back and our tongues gently mingle and play together in a sexy exchange of electricity and chemistry.  But now her face turns flush and she looks very uncomfortable.

"I should go," Lisa states as she pulls away from me.

"I'm so sorry," I reply, "its the alcohol, it just made me try.  Please forgive me.  Have a good night."

"You too," she calls back already several steps down the hall.

"Damn," I think and enter the room.

I shed clothes and enter the bathroom to remove makeup and wash for bed.  After 5 minutes a gentle rap on the door causes a spike of adrenaline.  I peek through the eye-hole and see Lisa nervously standing in the hall.

I open the door in just bra and panties and her eyes widen as she takes in the sight, looking quite honestly partly-repulsed and partly-excited.

She speaks, "I'm sorry, I don't know why I came back.  I think it's the alcohol.  But I..."

I shut her up by gently kissing her beautiful lips.

Taking her hand softly I beckon her into my room.

"I... I really don't know what I'm doing," Lisa exclaims professing her lack of experience.

"Of course you do darling, you're a girl.  You already know exactly how all the equipment works," I say and smile to her as I slip out the "do not disturb sign" and close & lock the door behind me.


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