Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hot Tub Fantasy

I was reading a story at another forum and came up with this quick fantasy.  Of course I decided to share it all with you here as well.  Enjoy.



John and his girlfriend Freida have always been quite kinky but private and reserved about it.  So imagine his surprise when Freida decides to get frisky one night in their backyard hot tub while Freida's younger sister Pam is visiting!

What started out as a nice relaxing soak has quickly turned sexual as Freida pulled out John's penis and started stroking it discreetly under the bubbling water.

Freida is such a master of deception.  Even though she's man-handling John's cock, her face doesn't betray a thing as she calmly talks to her younger sister about small-talk unimportant topics.

Meanwhile John is doing his best to not act plussed.  Although now he's reached the point that he knows his orgasm is imminent.  Even if Freida were to stop, he's just so sensitive that the bubbling water alone would probably finish him in just a minute's time.

Feeling he shouldn't be selfish, John decides to do his best to covertly reach under the water to Freida's lap to give her a little stimulation as well.  After all if she's been doing this, she must be excited.

Isn't John quite surprised when his hand is abruptly pushed away by her when he does and she breaks conversation for just a moment flustered by his sudden surprising advance.

And isn't John quite surprised yet again when he curiously returns his own hand to his lap to find it is not Freida that has been massaging his manhood but younger sister Pam.


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