Monday, September 19, 2011

Men tell me about your orgasms

I had an interesting conversation this morning about the process of writing erotica.  As I've shared with you before a lot of what I write about I've experienced first-hand.  That always makes the job easier.

But of course there are things that I haven't experienced first-hand and in that case, like any other genre writer, I have to perform research.

And let me tell you being a gal with a very healthy libido -- research for erotica works is such a boring, thankless, uninspiring process... NOT!  Believe me the truth is if I didn't need to get some actual writing done, I'd be content to "research" all day long.

So in the interests of professionally bettering myself and my work I'd like to ask any willing guys to please email me with descriptions of what it "feels like" as a male to have an orgasm.  I don't need you to write up a sexy story or elaborate scenario.  Just tell me ... for you... how it feels to cum.  If you're willing to share (optionally) please tell me whether you are circumcised or not as I'd be interested in comparing to see if there are substantial differences in the experiences of "cut" versus "uncut" men.

If you decide to participate send your description to me at

I won't share or publish your email address or anything you tell me.  I'll simply use your descriptions to add to my body of knowledge so that I can continually improve my own stories and ensure they are as realistic as possible.  Thanks!


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  1. I'd be happy to take part Gina. I will add your email to my contacts and send you something