Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vicariously ~75% Complete

For some reason when I reach the 3/4 point on a new release, I become energized.  This morning I passed through that milestone on Vicariously one of the projects I blogged about before.

I expect that with good progress I will have the 1st draft done within a few more days.  Then it just will depend on how much rework I end up doing, but its conceivable it could be released within 1-2 weeks.

Anyway, as a result I am eager to get back to work, so rather than take the time to create something completely new for this post, I thought I'd share a short excerpt from the book.

At this point in the plot, character Gina is about to discover that she has a gift for writing sexy/sensual stories.  On a lark she creates one for her boyfriend and anonymously delivers it to his school locker.  Here's the note she writes for him.


You walk across the campus; my eyes follow your every step.  You’re not aware of my curiosity, but I can’t help but continually wonder how that sexy body of yours would look naked with only your backpack slung across your bare back.  I imagine with every step your long hanging cock swings to and fro and all the girls are mesmerized just watching it and longing for it to be inside them.

But I am lucky because without me even saying anything to you, you somehow know it is me who wrote this.  You ignore all those other dick-craved wenches and come right to me, your faithful admirer.  Right in front of everyone at school, you remove my clothes and my pussy is already wet for you.  You kiss me deeply shoving your tongue in my mouth and then shortly after shoving your hard member into my canal.

All the girls and guys watch in jealously and some even publicly masturbate, unabashedly for they realize how wonderful a couple we make and they can’t help but celebrate our glorious sex by joining in and getting off themselves.

We never speak.  The only sound is the slapping of your pelvis against mine and the squishy audible response my vagina emits as you continually enter and exit its tunnel with your lengthy manhood.
When you’re ready, I accept your seed willingly into me.  Although I don’t really want to get pregnant, I would accept that fate gratefully for the mere chance to enjoy your sexual pleasure even one time.  You somehow know this and it makes your orgasm even more powerful and sustained than it usually is.  You fill up my whole insides with your milky, thick liquid.  There’s so much of it that it just can’t help but run out of my hole.

But that elixir is so precious to me, I reach down with my hands and catch all I can, not wanting to waste it.  If there’s too much to retain in my hot pretty pussy, I’ll collect the rest and then consume it with my mouth for you.

Your smile tells me you enjoy watching me eat the excess cum and my eyes lock with yours as I do… showing you just how deeply committed I am to pleasing you in every way.

Peter, I was a little hesitant to write this… to tell you how I really feel about you.  But, I finally got the courage to do so and I hope you won’t think any less of me as a result.

Love and kisses… you know who.


At the point Gina sends this note, she's unsure what will come of it.  Little does she know... as the ramifications are far greater than she could have imagined.



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