Thursday, September 8, 2011

Being Watched

Today I will respond to a reader's question I received.  Actually it's a series of related questions.

"I would be very interested in how you would react and feel if you discovered that a man had watched you getting undressed/dressed.  Would it change if you were in your undies?  If you were in nothing but panties?  If the panties were thongs/sheer?  Would it change if you had found out he had watched you on more than one occasion?"

My answer assumes that the situation is "safe" and I'm in no danger of physical harm... that the person in question enjoys watching me but is not mentally unstable or something like that....

Assuming that precondition, then I think it's an extremely flattering proposition that is very enticing and exciting.

I would definitely prefer to know that the watching was taking place though, as opposed to discovering it after the fact.  Either scenario is exciting.  But to know that someone was surreptitiously watching me while I undressed would make it a very exciting real-time proposition that ultimately would be much more fulfilling.

However, I wouldn't want to tip my observer to the fact I knew.  That would ruin it entirely for me to be honest.

I'd act as casual as possible and not go through any unusual display or exhibition on their behalf.  Of course if they were paying attention they would notice my erect nipples. I'm quite sure they would be, because even just imagining the scenario now is having the same effect.  That might be a giveaway, but maybe not....

The state of undress would impact the excitement level of the scenario.  Specifically, being seen in panties and bra is not really a big deal... after all I show as much lying on the beach and that's not terribly exciting to be honest.

But once the observer witnessed more "forbidden sights" either my bare breasts, bottom or sheer undergarments, then it would be quite exciting indeed.

Surprisingly I can't really imagine that the excitement level would vary quite so much between any of these alternatives....  That is, once they've seen something "they shouldn't" I'd be just as excited whether it was simply a glimpse of my tits versus my entire exposed naked body.

The next level of excitement, for me, would only come once I was REALLY showing off... namely the idea of spreading my legs wide and letting the observer see my innermost self, to put it mildly....  But that could never happen in the casual scenario discussed here because it would be incongruent.  I can't imagine "accidentally" providing such a display to a peeping-tom.  It would be a tacit acknowledgement that they were watching and therefore destroy my "innocence" in the matter making it much less exciting a prospect.

Besides for that "level" of raw, explicit display I prefer my observer to be MUCH closer to me, usually lying on their back as I prepare to let them taste exactly how exciting a prospect it is for me.  ;-P


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  1. Wow. It is interesting to see this topic from a female perspective. So often in the movies you only see women feeling betrayed even if it is something as innocent as portrayed.
    For several years I lived in a high-rise building. On more than one occasion I would watch women dress or undress in front of the window facing my building. A few of them I suspected knew they could be watched and were enjoying it.

    If you wanted to take it to the next level you might be able to (at least in writing). Might be worth exploring a woman who knows that someone in the adjacent building can (and does) watcher her, so she sets out to forget the fact and then lets him watch her masturbating.