Saturday, September 17, 2011

A truly micro wiener dangling off of @2inchKev

Today's blog post pictures are provided by twitter follower @2inchKev

I'd like to thank him for being such a good sport.  If you love ogling and making fun of small dicks like I do, give him a follow on Twitter I'm sure he'd love it.

OK, so to start, this entry gives me opportunity to re-post some of the text I had previously taken down from the blog.  So as what I wrote previously applies to Kev, I will do that right now.


So you want to know everything about Gina, huh?  Well I'm baring my soul to you.  But if you really love me, you won't judge.  After all you want me to be perfectly honest, right?  So I owe it to you to do just that....

These pics are an INCREDIBLE turn-on for me.  Why?  Honestly, I love micro-penises.  Seriously!  I like big ones too, don't get me wrong.  ;-)  But the tiny ones have a special place in my heart.

I'll explain.  If you've read much of my writing you know that in sexual situations I like to be the aggressor and take control. 

I know I can dominate this guy in bed.  Hell he may not even be able to physically penetrate me.  Or if he can, I might not let him anyway.  I'd make him stroke that micro shaft to completion (if he's able) for my visual pleasure and then I'd have him turn his complete attention to satisfying me... with fingers and tongue. Mmmm.  Of course he'd have to clean up after as well, if you catch my drift.

So, this give you a little more insight into my sick perverted mind.


I have pretty small hands, so my rule of thumb (pun intended) is if I can completely grasp and encompass all of your "manhood" (used loosely) in one hand, you qualify for this category.  I guess if I had to quantify it, I'd consider a micro-penis, by my own definition to be no longer than 1" flaccid and about 2-1/2" erect MAX.

I also have an interesting observation on this topic, and that is namely, guys with really tiny peckers seem to enjoy being ridiculed about them.  Now, my hypothesis is admittedly not very scientific and limited to a pretty tiny (again pun intended) sample size, but I've yet to encounter someone in this category that really objected to being called needle dick, puny penis, or any other such derogatory term I could think of and fling their way.  In most cases the worse I insulted them, the more excited they got.  The humiliation was a turn on.

I'd be truly interested in hearing from guys with really small members who DON'T feel that way.  In other words if you qualify for this category and you think my comments are just plain mean, uncaring, and hurtful send me a note and tell me that.

I could be offending a lot of men unknowingly and if I am, I'd like to find out.  I'm open minded, so your messages to me could in fact change that behavior... well at least publicly.

I admit I'd still do it and very much enjoy doing it... but I might constrain myself to practicing the behavior in private with partners who have acknowledged they enjoy the abuse. Because I honestly am not trying to make people have low self-esteem.  Consider this more of a role-play fetish behavior instead of any true deep-seeded cruel streak that I have.

Don't worry about your anonymity.  I won't post your name if you contact me and I won't get angry even if you call me an evil, heartless bitch.  Believe me I have been called that or worse on occasion.

So speak out and tell me what you think.


That was the "old" stuff I previously posted.  Great, so now I will focus my attention and ridicule directly onto poor, pathetic Kev.

Kev earns a special place in my heart.  His pecker is truly puny.  I love the shot on the right of him holding up his finger next to his truly tiny erection.  His finger is literally at least three times as long as his dick (and almost as thick)!

Yes Kev, you would really have to go above and beyond if you showed me that little thing in my bedroom.  If you were lucky enough for me to let you stay, I'd expect you to orally pleasure me for hours while I did mundane things like watch TV, read a book or call and talk on the phone.  And don't even think about touching that sorry little cock while you did....  

If you somehow are able to make me cum with your mouth, then I might let you jerk off for me.  Although "jerk" might be too generous a term given the very short stroke of movement it would require.  I'm guessing you probably only need to flex your fingers a little bit to complete full travel?

It would be quite a funny sight to see though.  I'm sure I'd want to take pics with my camera phone while you worked that tiny tool.  I'd send some to my girlfriends with demeaning captions so that they could sympathize with me about how unlucky I was to be fooling around with such an unmanly man.

But I wouldn't get rid of you.  No, keeping you around for the sheer entertainment value would be worth it.  However if you wanted to last long term, you'd have to adapt.  I might be satisfied letting you lick me occasionally in private.  But more often I'd probably need to bring home a more studly man with a large cock to fuck me good and hard while you watched.

You, of course, would be forced to observe how he satisfied me in so many ways you simply could not.  Then when he'd shot his sperm deep inside my pussy, I'd make you get down on knees and slurp it all out.  Swallow it all my dear little-dicked Kev.  After all you're practically a girl anyway and guys love girls that swallow, so you'd be getting the appreciation of me and my big-pricked lover.

If you really earned my admiration, eventually I'd throw a party for all my girlfriends and have you wait on us all night ... naked of course.  We'd all make fun of your inadequacy and demean you at every opportunity.  I'm sure the girls would all love to take pictures with you for remembrance sake.  

If any of them wanted to try out your tongue directly, I'd let them.  But don't be surprised if they all decide to take a miss as you probably wouldn't even be judged worthy enough to lick their hot pussies clean after they took a piss.

So sorry to have to be so cruel, but it's just honesty really.  But don't worry my Kev, I still like you... I really do.  In fact, I've bought you a nice present since you've been such a good oral slave boy.  Here it is, a pair of pink bikini briefs.  Put these on now, they're the perfect color for you, and get inside this smother box and prepared to service me while I watch tonight's episode of Survivor....


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  1. Hello Gina. As I read your blog, my little 5 inch uncut penis (erect) got very snug in my pants. A total turn on for me. I would love to be in the presence of you and your girlfriends, naked, totally submissive and serving all of them. And for the record, I'd love to clean any/all of their pussies with my tongue after they pissed.