Thursday, September 15, 2011

Embrace by the Sea

I'm busy finishing up the last bits of Vicariously editing for a weekend release.  But to keep you entertained in the meantime here is a piece I wrote a couple weeks ago that will be included in an upcoming release.  Enjoy!



Embrace by the Sea
He took her into his arms, the warmth of their bodies burning hot, and the sun set over the sea as the two of them watched it peacefully.
They stood in the romantic glow of the sunset as it dipped below the horizon. And just as day turns to night, it was time for romance to turn to passion.

He boldly raised his hands to her top and unbuttoned it to her belly. She didn't resist.  With that implicit signal he proceeded to undo her bra and then stood admiring her aesthetically pleasing breasts as they were revealed.

With the sun now gone, the full moon above cast a glow down upon them, silhouetting the scene of his palm placed on top of her naked torso.

Her breath coming now in frequent short bursts told him that she was nervous, but her pointing nipple pressed into his palm told him it was an exciting, fun nervousness.

Tentatively he removed his palm and drew his face a bit closer to her heaving bosom. She was unmistakable in her signal as she cradled his head and guided it to suckle her sensitive aroused tit.  

At the same time she now reached below and found a hardening, growing lump forming in his trousers. As he gently licked and caressed her chest, he felt her first slowly unzip his pants, then release his achingly stiff member from its fabric confines, now free to enjoy the brisk night air unencumbered.

The cool air felt good rushing past his overheated manhood. But the air was no match for the pleasant feelings her hand imparted with its soft, velvety touch running the length of him to and fro in playful exploratory touching that simply excited every sensitive nerve ending in his blood-gorged shaft.

His soft purrs let her know she was doing it right and the slippery wet lubrication that started leaking out told her the dam was about to break.

Now moving from soft touch to firm tugs, his body shook with unbelievable pleasure as she forcefully coaxed his seed into firing position and then with an explosion that caused him to involuntarily grunt and yell, he shot volley after volley of his salty solution into her other hand, it's palm waiting extended to collect the precious gift.

Finally he could take no more and begged her to stop, but not before she raised her milky-white covered palm to her mouth in front of him and accepted his generous nourishment onto her tongue and into her mouth.

Licking every last drop from her five digits, she wasn't yet satisfied, so she then knelt in front of her hero and cleaned up the remainder from the outside of his mighty spent cannon.

The bliss was heavenly and finally the pleasure so much that his legs grew weak and he tumbled to the ground.

They both laughed and now it was her turn. With seductive pomp and circumstance, she removed her panties from underneath her skirt and then even without asking if it was OK, she placed her hips and thighs so that they straddled his face. He willingly accepted her burning hot womanhood onto his waiting mouth and her already dripping sex told him how much she had enjoyed pleasing him.

Grinding her moist womanhood directly over his nose wetting ever part of his face, it doesn’t take long before she is climaxing and convulsing in rhythm with the sound of the nearby crashing waves breaking onto the shoreline.

Panting and out of breath she enjoys him returning the favor as his tongue savors the sweetness of her pleasure as it cleans up her insides with diligence until she is simply so sensitive, it is impossible to bear it anymore.

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