Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Heavenly Bodies

This story premise was inspired by a reader and fan.  I hope you enjoy it.


Heavenly Bodies

His telescope, called "the stargazer 3000" is top-notch.  It should be really, having spent a significant portion of his gross monthly salary to obtain it.  But it is worth it.  It provides the clearest, magnified, non-distorted views of any model available to the amateur astronomer.  It evens connects to his computer allowing him to record the images captured through its peering lens.

Who would have thought a simple guy living in a downtown apartment would ever develop such an affinity for astronomy?  With the City lights and pollution and living in the urban jungle, glimpsing the heavens is not exactly easy nor ideal.

But there is only one celestial body this man is interested in and every time he sees it, he's indeed transported to heaven.  It's remarkable and breathtaking.  He can only imagine what it would be like to view it from up close.

She lives in the building across the street.  His obsession with her began nearly two years ago.  It was quite an accident the first time really.  Just admiring the skyline view, his eyes drawn to a window because of movement... and even with the naked eye; he could see HER naked shape framed in that 32nd floor window.

Not clearly... not clear enough at all, which is why he now owns equipment that could further the cause of SETI if he were to donate it to science.  He didn't immediate purchase this optical monster.  He started out slowly.  First he retrieved an old pair of field binoculars he'd had since his childhood.  Scratched lenses and all they provided a much improved view.

But like an addict who thinks they can quit anytime, the man soon found dissatisfaction with the binoculars.  He bought a newer, more powerful pair.  What an improvement they were!  His only complaint then was how they shook... even when he just held them to his eyes.  But they especially shook when he tried to hold them with one hand and massage his lower body with the other.

So then a tripod was necessary.  Again an improvement.  But on and on it went.  Every few months a new upgrade or a new device.  All to catch a slightly better look at "Venus" as he came to refer to her.  And she truly was.  He couldn't imagine how a girl this beautiful continued to remain unattached.  He figured she should have multiple boyfriends circling around her like lunar satellites.

Anyway, that was unimportant.  His new uber-scope ready to go, pointed at its target he waits in the darkness of his apartment like a hunter stalking prey.

Finally he is rewarded with his prize.  She comes home to her apartment after a late night out.  Unceremoniously stripping her clothes off he is treated to his first view ever of her naked flesh through this magnificent mechanical masterpiece.  It is his best view yet, only hampered by the motion sickness he feels trying to adjust it's target to track her as she walks through the apartment.  But that's a small price to pay.

She seems to be doing something on her own computer at the moment.  Maybe checking email from online lovers or something like that.  But she doesn't dawdle for long at it.

After awhile she washes and settles into bed.  He's given the greatest gift of all as she sleeps naked and for some time remains clearly in view, nightstand lamp on watching television.  Since she's no longer moving about, he can take his time and zoom in to maximum magnification on her beautiful figure.

His first exploration is of her mountain range.  He's able to zoom in so close one nipple and areola completely fill his viewfinder image!  He's ecstatic and begins to pleasure himself in earnest.

But then she stirs and he fears his show will end quickly tonight.  Instead though, it looks like our Venus is about to pleasure herself!  What an amazing stroke of luck!  And out in the open too!  Well of course, why should she worry?  She feels absolutely safe and secure in her high-rise apartment.  That allows her to manipulate her own pleasure center without concern or embarrassment.

He's able to focus in closely on her womanhood and can nearly see inside her black hole with the angle she's situated at.  Now it shouldn't take long at all... and it doesn't

For fear of losing this opportunity he doesn't even try to retrieve his normal cum rag but instead shoots his hot plasma stream directly onto the pane of the glass window of his own apartment.  Each burst smacks the surface and splatters into a circular blast pattern before slowing dripping down.

He'll worry about cleaning it up later. For now he simply keeps watching her and enjoying the afterglow of his own supernova explosion.


In the meantime, a young woman masturbates in her apartment.  She's watching a video on her TV screen that has her very horny.  The video is of a man, standing in his apartment, near the window.  His manhood out he rubs it furiously and after some time he shoots powerful globules of semen straight out towards the window pane.  They strike it with such force as to cause a momentary vibration.

It's such a pleasing sight, seeing this man pleasure himself in what he thinks is a safe, private setting in his darkened high-rise apartment.  His unguarded ecstasy is so enticing to her.

She's just so lucky to have her TV connected to the video feed of her "Stargazer 3001".  Yes that beauty of an instrument cost her dearly.  But it was worth it.  After all when she upgraded from the 3000 to the 3001 she added night-vision functionality to her previous model....

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  1. Holy Crap that ending was so fucking hot!