Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Breast Cancer Self-Exams, @Lou0506 & Covered Nudity Continued

First off a very serious topic that I want everyone to please follow up on.  This is from the CDC's own website:  "Aside from non-melanoma skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States"

Please read that last quote again and keep it in mind.  If you are a woman, please check yourself regularly.  If you aren't sure how, ask your doctor or google it... there are tons of online references to help.  If you are a man, please ensure the ladies you love are doing their own exams regularly... or even help them out from time-to-time.  ;-)

We all know people affected by breast cancer and a number of organizations (which I will not name cuz I'm not sure they'd appreciate being called out in an adult blog) are working hard daily in the fight against it.  But early detection and treatment are still the biggest weapons we have in our arsenal.  So please, do it often -- monthly is the recommended interval. 

If you use twitter you can increase awareness by please promoting the #BoobieWed and #BoobieWednesday hash tags.

OK.  So now let's take a look at @LOU0506.

My dear readers, Louise is not showing her bare nipple nor her areloae.  There is no implicit innuendo or overture hinting at sex. She's not groping or fondling her breasts.

It's simply a picture of the naked torso of a beautiful lady with hand preserving her modesty.

This is a darn near perfect "covered nudity" shot and it's made even better by the fact that it's one woman, taking one self-pic, in her own non-studio environment.

In a word, when I see this @Lou0506 photo, the thought that pops into my mind is simply "beautiful".

Yes the bottoms of her boobies are on display with their magnificent artful curvature for all to see.  Who the hell gives a damn!?  This isn't pornography!  Yet this very picture was pulled from Louise's image server host within 15 MINUTES of posting for violating T&Cs.

If you see this pic and think indecent or pornography, it would only be because you're mind is geared to think that way.  If you are one of the people that views this photo and, shall we say, is "aroused", I'm going to guess you might also view a picture of a woman in a bra in a mail-order mechandise catalog and think the same thoughts....  Am I right?  You KNOW I am.

You sir (or madam) are simply a pervert.  And that's fine, I have no real problem with perverts.  Horniness makes the world go round (in a sense).  But because a few people may find this picture provocative in the same way as an underwear sales flyer... it derserves to be pulled from image servers as somehow dirty or inappropriate?  There is ABSOLUTELY nothing inappropriate about this picture.  It is pure art.

Wake up and smell the coffee.  This picture is celebration of the beauty of the female form.  Yes it's certainly sexy and attention gettting, but it's also clean and PERFECTLY appropriate.

Look, woman have breasts.  It's just a simple fact of nature.  They're very important in the whole species survival thingy.... Oh yeah I know not quite as much now, but in ancient history you'd certainly want to have plenty of them around to feed the children.  And I'm pretty sure our cavemen ancestor's weren't running around telling the ladies to put the puppies away.  Those same cavemen also weren't thumbing through Sears' catalogs to get their jollies.  Back then Sears hadn't branched out to mail order yet.  They only had the ride-through window service.

But back on topic.  We should be thanking woman like Louise for helping draw attention to the breast cancer awareness cause by posting shots like these and we should be promoting them not censoring them.

And even in a vacuum, not associated with a cause such as breast cancer awareness, this picture still is perfectly fine.  I would not mind having this shot hanging on a wall in my apartment for display as art. 

Yes it IS definitely sexy.  That is not the debate.  Sexy is fine.  Sexy is good.  Most everybody LOVES sexy.  But it IS NOT indecent.

If you want indecent, I can show you dozens of photos published in magazines of women wearing tight tops, no bras where their whole tits, nipples and all, are quite visible.  But they're celebrities and technically they are wearing clothes, so that's OK then. 

Also, I can show you dozens more pictures of women wearing bottoms so friggin tight they not are only showing camel toes, but the toe-jam between them as well (uh, eww).  Again, as long as there is some fabric there, society says OK.

But Louise's covered nudity shot... no that's indecent.  I call bullshit and I don't think I'm alone in this opinion.


P.S.  If you are one of the people that does in fact think this shot is indecent or pornographic, I respect you're differing opinion.  But instead of reading this blog, shouldn't you be busy starting or joining a cause... to say, petition getting a pair of underpants put on to Michelangelo's David?

P.P.S. If you're a Twitter user give @LOU0506 some love by following her.  We've already established she's a damn sexy lady, but she's also witty, kind, and funny too.

Covered Nudity - My Thoughts

This eBook cover has been pretty much banned everywhere this title is sold, except (for the moment) at Barnes & Noble.

Now watch, just by me drawing attention to it, it will probably be axed there as well.

SO why do I bring this up?  It's an interesting phenomenon.  The whole idea of nudity, covered nudity, et cetera.  What's beautiful artwork to one person is disgusting pornography to another. 

I think it all comes down to what the person viewing the image feels at the time.

For instance, I'm guessing that most of you (especially all the horny guys) will be thinking of thoughts like this.

Possible horny/pornographic thoughts:
>Oh, her panties are nearly clean off.  If I could just tilt my head a little either way I could see that wonderful pussy.
>With those down around ankles/feet, she's just ready/asking to be fucked.
>Oh, look at how her legs and thighs are spread way apart.  She's just inviting me to slip in between them and give her a good screwing.
>Look, you can tell (most likely) that she has no top on at all and it seems like she has huge tits to boot.

I think the fact that the image is used as the cover to an erotic eBook also tilts one's opinion to looking at it as somehow dirty & pornographic.

There is no debating it, this is definitely a quite sexy/sensual image.  But, there's another side to it... if one would open their mind and just interpret the photo.

Look at how skillfully the actual nudity is hidden.  I've looked at the image for quite sometime myself, trying to catch "a naughty glimpse of something I'm not supposed to."  But it's pretty much impossible.

I see instead... an amazingly well done photographic composition that both hints at the fact that this woman is fully nude, but still doesn't show us a damn single thing that you could not see simply walking down the shore at your own local beach (assuming you're lucky enough to have one.)

I mean, let's look at the details - especially of her bottom.  Those panties are pretty much sheer.  If the woman was wearing them in that same pose, we'd see everything without a doubt.  But the double layering of them in space at exactly the right angle turns a very explicit shot of her cootchie into a much more modest one.

Now admittedly, the one area that the shot is quite risque is in displaying quite a bit of the woman's right boob.  Somehow we've decided as a society that the bottom portion of the breast is worthy of more shock and indignation than the top.  Think about it.  Women's cleavage is pretty much celebrated.  On TV shows, fashion runways, in public, pretty much everywhere... you can get away with showing as much titty from the top as you like and no one will bat an eye.

Well, of course MEN will bat more than an eye as they love it.  But no one will censor you or arrest you for indecent exposure... that sort of thing.  As long as your areolae are not on display.

But from the bottom, no that simply won't do.  Seeing even just a little bit of the bottom of a boob immediately raises the stakes and makes it a more forbidden pic.

I have a shot I intend to post tomorrow from one of my twitter followers @Lou0506, it's a similar covered nudity shot of her chest she posted on Twitter to draw awareness to "Boobie Wednesday" a shout out to the cause of ladies checking yourself regularly for breast cancer.  It's such a great idea that I'll mention it here now and then again tomorrow on Wednesday itself.

But @Lou0506's shot was pulled from its image hosting service WITHIN 15 MINUTES for violation of Terms-of-Service.  They thought it was too racy!  What a crock.  Check back tomorrow and you'll see why I am so amazed.

It is a damn sexy pic for sure!  But so what?  Everyone LOVES sexy.  We hold it in high regard in society and the sexiest of all people receive the most glorified attention.  Is the shot pornographic?  HELL NO.

So in conclusion, I say that society just needs to lighten up a bit and enjoy the beauty that is present in the art form known as the human body.  If it wasn't for the tendency to jump to the thought of "fucking someone" because of nudity, partial-nudity or covered nudity then there wouldn't be a debate at all.

But I guess we can't outlaw thoughts (good thing) so instead we have to have a knee-jerk reaction and take away the stimuli instead.

Remember to check back tomorrow to see the Boobie Wednesday photo of @Lou0506 that I mentioned and then weigh in with your own opinions about what is art and what is pornographic.


Monday, August 29, 2011

"Lady Gago" Trending Topic on Twitter

Earlier today I was on Twitter and noticed that "Lady Gago" was trending.  Now honestly, in my line of work, all that I could envision was a poor singer who has fallen on bad times and was forced to now sell herself to get by... maybe in fact in some parallel universe somewhere.

Her speciality was um... something that caused gagging on occasion.

So at the time I Tweeted that I would be FORCED to write a short erotic story fleshing out this idea if the TT continued much longer.

Fast forward 8 hours later and it was still going strong.  So I made good on my promise.  But for posterity sake, I decided to also post the result here.  Gaga fans will probably appreciate this more than those who don't know her work.  Enjoy.

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 1, I warned you guys earlier... Lady Gago

dropped to her knees and got ready to accept him him into her mouth

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 2, He looked down at Gago and asked her how she got so beautiful "Baby I was born this way" she answered. He..

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 3, loving brushed Gago's hair aside saying,"I've just ended a Bad Romance and my Monster can sure use your attn"

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 4, Gago was Speechless and her Poker Face didn't betray her willingness to Dance in the Dark with him all nite

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 5, He continued, "I love that you're Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Gago... Let's make this LoveGame between YouAndI ...

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 6, ...something that produces BadKids. Let's run off right now to an Electric Chapel. The Paparazzi won't know

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 7, that we hooked up simply cuz ur a GovernmentHooker. But it wasn't really him proposing it was simply cuz

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 8, Gago's magic throat had taken him to TheEdgeofGlory. And BloodyMary was she ever good. He was ready now..

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 9, and the result when withdrawn from Gago's mouth was evident in her Hair and these Americano ...

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 10, Heavy Metal Lovers would Marry the Night, not each other. In fact after this he wouldnt even bother

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 11, to Telephone Gago ever again.. that ungrateful man, Alejandro. (The end) search hash for complete story.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Project Vicariously

One of the side benefits of being so creative (and downsides as well) is I am always thinking of more writing projects that I would like to do.

It's a benefit because when I encounter writer's block on one thing (like I did on The Club after chapter 3 last night) then I can usually get something going on another project.

The downside means that I have multiple books going on at once and anytime I transition between them I end up having to reread what I've previously written to get back into the right frame of mind... so that can consume a lot of time.

But this new work Vicariously is a great idea that I'm really having fun with.  In fact just this morning I wrote the first two chapters and they really came out good.  I'm so excited about it, I may end up working on this one more and releasing it before The Club... we'll see.

I thought about posting a snippet from what I've written so far.  But instead thought it would be more fun to post the "blurb" I jotted down as initial inspiration. 

Vicariously by Gina Sartucci

Gina has a gift, though some may actually call it a curse, of really empathizing with the readers of her erotic stories.  Somehow she just knows, quite literally, what sort of things turn them on.  That has translated into some blockbuster hits with fantastic sales for young Gina.

However, that may all be changing.  Because Gina's next book may just end up killing her.

See if you can guess from the book title & blurb exactly where this one is going. You may think you have a pretty decent idea, but I'd be willing to bet you don't know the half of it. ;-)

Where are all my #GBodyParts?

Ok, so a lot of you guys had agreed to send me pix for my #GBodyParts effort, but no one has done so yet.  I was hoping to write my first post in that series about guy's butts sometime tonight, but with no submissions that's going to be impossible.

Please search Twitter hash #GBodyParts for more info as well as my previous blog posts here.

C'mon don't be shy, I think it will be fun.  I'll maintain your anonymity if that's what you're worried about.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot Tub Adventure with Peter

I posted this elsewhere in response to someone's story about sexy situations in hot tubs.  I was planning to just post a little but ended up telling this whole story, so thought why not post it here as well.  Enjoy!

Ahh, nice story. Hot tubs are a great excuse for some sexy adventures.

I took my then bf Peter to a friend's BBQ one time and it turned out they had a hot tub that sat 8. Late in the evening we were all sitting around drinking and the host invited us to get in. Well apparently everyone else knew this was a possibility and brought swimwear, but we did not!

They teased us about getting in in our underwear, thinking that is was all just a funny joke. But what they didn't know was Peter was very submissive to me in the relationship. I trained him to be. So after a while I commanded him to strip to his shorts and join the others in the tub.

He was so embarrassed but knew there would be severe consequences if he didn't comply so he did. Then after his white shorts were all good and wet and see-through I made him get out and go fetch me another drink. Of course when he got out everyone was shocked to see right through his underwear.

I was loving it... the combination of him submitting to my wishes and me showing off his awesome bod to everyone. Finally after awhile I went ahead and stripped down to my panties as well. I took my bra off because I didn't want to ruin it. All the girls were in shock (prob thought I was a slut) and the guys loved it.

When I got in next to Peter I reached under the water to his lap and he was rock hard already. I also reached the other direction to a guy Tom sitting to my right and he was so startled he flinched and splashed water everywhere. I thought I was busted, but he covered it pretty well saying a mosquito had flown into his ear. LOL. Anyway I jerked both of them off underwater and no one else was the wiser. Of course I had to move really slowly so that it wasn't obvious.

I wonder how many hot tubs are filled partly with jizz in the water. I'm sure it's most!

Even More About Me

OK, so I've been getting a lot of the same questions over and over.  Although I love DMing everyone, it does take an awful lot of time, so in the interest of efficiency, here are some common FAQ about me I guess.  LOL

1. You're working out an awful lot when you're on twitter, what's up with that?

First off, the pic is living proof that if you kill yourself doing cardio an hour a day the butt can start to shrink.  From 18 to 21 it sort of grew on me, unexpectedly.  Sneaky bitch. 

But I've been working on it the last 8 months and it's getting back down to where it used to be.

Yes I KNOW I still have some cellulite, but I don't care.  I'm quite happy.  Incidental, I purposely chose profile view because it IS more flattering.  I'm quite a bit wider and not so impressive from that angle.  LOL.  Oops a girl isn't supposed to give away all her secrets is she?

2. Is Gina your real name?


3. I looked up Gina Sartucci on (insert your favorite reference here) and couldn't find you.

That's why Sartucci isn't....  Listen I love you guys, but please don't try to contact me uninvited, OK?  It's a little creepy.  Sartucci is a pen name.  It's a funny modification of my real last name, which I will NOT tell you.

4. What's your nationality?

American!  But if you want to know my heritage, it's Italian.

5.  Are you married or dating anyone?

Single.  Last long term relationship ended 9 months ago.  I am incidentally dating a few guys occasionally but not in a serious relationship.

6.  Can I date/meet/stalk you!

See #3.  Guys, again I'm flattered, but I've literally had a half dozen of you offer to come see me or fly me to you within about an hour of us first chatting.  C'mon.  Really?

7.  Where are you now?

I live in Chicago at the moment but would love to try to get back to NYC before too long if I can.  Mom & Dad still live in Queens and yes by the way, they did evacuate their home yesterday because of Irene.  They're in NJ right now.

8.  What does your family think of you writing erotica?

Are you kidding me?  They don't know.  My dad would be crushed.  I'm the youngest with 4 brothers and 1 sister and he still treats me like I'm about 11 or 12.  He sees me as that innocent little girl.

In fact only 2 friends know I do this and my publisher.  I'm feel like a spy or something when people starting talking about careers.  My "cover story" is that I do freelance writing, which I do sometimes, but I haven't had a lot published in that area so it always looks suspicious.

9.  Do you really make a living doing this?

I just recently entered a deal to have my current stuff published as "myself" which will supposedly make me more than the paltry amounts I got by being a "ghostwriter" which means I wrote it and someone else took credit for it. I'd love to tell you the stories I wrote that are out there - some are quite popular in the erotica world! But that would break the confidentially agreements I signed AND it's just not a cool thing to do when you Ghostwrite.

So honestly, no not yet and I'll let you know more in about 6 months!   Ghostwriting pay sucks (less than $6,000 per year).  I had to work in retail 3 days a week as a second job and write ALL the rest of the time.  Even between those two I was barely getting by. 

But I am writing full-time right now in an effort to get more things out there under my own name.  I was paid an advance that can get me by for 4 months, so that's really the window I have to make this work before I have to abandon it and go back to a regular job.  So we will cross our fingers and see.

10.  What's your favorite food?

Pizza and pasta baby.  Red sauce runs through my blood.  See #1 on why that sneaky butt inflated I guess.  LOL.  Incidentally I'm loving the deep dish choices in Chicago... not helping my cause though!

11.  I have a nice car and a lot of money, are you impressed?

I'm truly happy for you...  but impressed?  Nah.  Unless you just want to gift it to me, then I'd be very impressed.  ;-)  But if you're expecting sex in return see #'s 3 & 6 above.

12.  Can I ask you something?

You can ask anything you'd like guys, just remember two things.  I'm not constantly on Twitter so don't be surprised if it takes me a while to answer.  And if you ask an extremely rude or insulting question I may not answer at all.  I won't get "mad" at you for doing it, but I also am not going to tell you anything you want.

13.  Can I send you naked pictures of me.
YES!  But with a catch....  I want them for the #GBodyParts project that I've tweeted about.  Search that hash tag for more information.  But do I want to see pics of you masturbating for my own personal pleasure...  um, probably not, but feel free to keep asking.  ;-)
14.  I've read some of your work and like it, what can I do to support you?
I LOVE you guys, the few that have asked.  Simply keep buying my books, that helps financially and also makes the titles climb in the popularity ranks which is ultimately what I need to survive.  Also, please REVIEW the titles at your favorite eBook stores, Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords... one or all three. 
Similarly just tell your friends that you know enjoy erotica.  Word of mouth advertising is the best way I've found to get people to try me out.  They're usually not disappointed.  Also feel free to use the social media tools on any blog article you like to help me spread the word to twitter FaceBook or wherever.
My publisher wants me to do my own FaceBook page and I will eventually, but I'm just too busy writing now to spend the time.
Speaking of which... this has taken far longer than expected.  Got to get back to the grindstone. 
Love you guys (and gals)

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Club- Sneak Peek, part deux (or '2' for the French-imparied)

And I just can't help myself ... take a look at where it progresses to in short order.  Enjoy.


P.S. I'm literally wet right this moment....  Thought you might like to know. ;-)

Legal Notice: The following material is by Gina Sartucci. All text is copyright 2011, ADPublishing, All rights reserved. You may post a link to this material or repost this text elsewhere on the web but only if you include this legal notice text with the posted material. No further use of the material is allowed without the prior written consent of the author and ADPublishing.

His talent was truly amazing especially given that he was only 24 years old himself, not all that much more experienced than Joan. Although, I guess pretty much everyone is more experienced than a virgin.

Still Clarence had the foreplay talent of a maestro and we’re not talking some guy that plays “Happy Birthday” on the piano at children’s parties. No, Clarence was a bona fide Amadeus Mozart with all of the applicable naughty Wolfgang tendencies to along with it!

Right now Clarence was playing the part of Don Giovanni to Joan’s unwitting part of Anna. Only in his version the seduction of the Commendatore's daughter, turned out much more positively… luckily she had no other fiancĂ©.

It was too much. The seduction not only worked to get Anna, um, I mean Joan, into the mood. It brought out a part of her she never knew existed. She eagerly shed clothes, outward and undergarments, in a process that most resembled an Australian dirt-devil whip-up storm.

She was eager now, no really much stronger than that, insatiably wanting… needing Clarence to continue the love he’d been administering to her outward skin and to turn it into an indoor affair.

He knew what she expected and wanted, but that didn’t stop Joan, normally quite timid and shy, from simply grasping Clarence’s precious head and physically guiding it down to her pelvic region. Her legs already spread-eagle, apart as far as possible, Clarence could see that his playfulness has cause Joan to spring a leak in her indoor piping and apparently the plumber DID in fact make emergency house calls. That is, if you considered Clarence to be an amateur plumber.

However, Clarence was really no good at stopping Joan’s leaks, quite the contrary. For no matter what amount of probing he performed with his fingers, and tongue, exploring for the source of moisture, he just couldn’t stop the dripping. In fact, it simply continued to get worse and worse.

Joan was obviously dissatisfied by Clarence’s ineptness as a plumber as she petitioned to her deity for some divine assistance, mumbling quite audibly “oh… oh, God… oh, God help me. Yes. Oh dear Jesus. Oh… oh… oh holy shit!” Her last utterance was probably quite blasphemous, but given the issue at hand was some leaky plumbing, maybe, just maybe, it was appropriate. I’ll let you be the judge.

Sneak Peak at "The Club"

OK, I'm having a great productive writing day today so far.  I'm really in the mood.  I'm taking a little break to use the bathroom and stretch a bit and as I do I figured why not throw a little snippet onto the blog for your pleasure.

Now mind you this story is way off from completion.  Probably 3-4 weeks at least.  I don't want to tell you the exact subject matter yet... it's too early in the process.  But I will say that I've tentatively picked out the title as "The Club" subject to change of course.

Hope you enjoy this excerpt.

Legal Notice: The following material is by Gina Sartucci. All text is copyright 2011, ADPublishing, All rights reserved. You may post a link to this material or repost this text elsewhere on the web but only if you include this legal notice text with the posted material. No further use of the material is allowed without the prior written consent of the author and ADPublishing.

His first wife Joan just loved having sex with Clarence. She was an actual virgin, a dying breed, when he met her at age 20. He was eager to go hunting to try to further along the extinction of the species as soon as he possibly could. Despite her resistance to premarital sex, it had taken Clarence just 2 months to slay his prey.

It was easy pickings to be honest. You see Clarence had a magic tongue. It was long and flexible and had just the right texture, a mix between silky smooth and sandpaper tantalizing. Joan had never received oral sex from a man before Clarence, so it was just unlucky that she didn’t realize how far above average his skills stood out. Maybe if she had, she wouldn’t have decided to sample what else was available in the market place and quite feasibly she and Clarence would still be married now.

But at that time, even with her lack of benchmark, Joan understood one thing. Clarence’s tongue had a way of making the nerve endings in her entire body tingle.

The very first time Clarence administered his lapping love, it was an event of epic proportions for Joan. They had started out kissing, simple enough, and as usual Clarence wasn’t content to stay in one place… anatomically. But what distinguished Clarence in his approach to sexual surveying is that he didn’t try to just jump to the “finish line” like many guys are prone to do. No, this wasn’t a race for Clarence, unless you wanted to consider it a marathon. But a better comparison would be more like a relaxing road trip and he was ready to explore all the sights and stop and stay at each for awhile as well. He even liked to take pictures of the journey for remembrance sake, but Joan wasn’t into that part of the trip all that much.

Joan just adored having her neck kissed and Clarence could sense her pleasure as his lips and nose gently brushed against her sensitive skin, giving her goose bumps. Clarence nibbled lightly on Joan’s ears his breath gently ticking her as he did.

He was always so in tune to what she was feeling it seemed. Without having to say a word, Clarence knew when one part of Joan’s body had been stimulated enough and it was time to move on. He moved from her neck to her tummy and playfully pecked at it just barely lifting her shirt as he did. Joan loved the fact that Clarence was so sensual with clothes on. This was another way in which he differed from most men. Clarence liked to perform a significant amount of foreplay on Joan before they were undressed. It ended up making the undressing itself even that more intense. By the time he’d get around to finally removing Joan’s clothes, she’d be so hot and bothered that the very act of shedding those garments became a sexually charged, sensual experience.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free Agent, All His Dreams Come True (part 3 & conclusion)

Before you read the exciting part 3 & conclusion to Free Agent, chapter 1, please be sure you've read parts 1 & 2 first.  You can find them in previous blog posts from the last couple days.



Lucy now spoke. “The other, more likely, logical conclusion, my dear Derrick is….”

He waited for her to continue. It seemed like an eternity although it was only a few seconds.

“… that you have been under tremendous pressure as a result of your expiring contract. And, your mother made her ‘wonderful’ meatloaf for dinner, that you don’t have the heart to tell her always upsets your stomach and gives you the shits.”

Derrick wondered how she could know about his mother’s dinner choice.

“Consequently, my dear Derrick, the truly logical explanation is that this is all a wild dream, brought on by stress and indigestion. That’s why my body is so pleasing to you…. It’s what YOU envision as pure perfection.

So my advice, honey, is to not waste this opportunity any longer and to let your mind run wild with this fantasy. Come here now and join me in the tub.”

She reached her arm out to him and he felt an invisible force gently pushing him towards her.

“Come here and fuck me now in all the dirty ways you could ever want and imagine. I am here only to please you. I do want one very small thing in return, but that can wait until later. But for now, come use me as your personal slut. I will be anything you desire me to be. I won’t say no to any request. Just come to me... before it’s too late... before you wake up. Come, Derrick, Come.”

Without any choice of his own, Derrick joined Lucy in the tub. Stripping off his underpants and t-shirt he stepped into the water and took her in his arms. Displaced bubbles circled, floating in the air in gleeful flight.

Derrick pressed Lucy’s remarkable body up against his own naked flesh. It was sizzling hot to the touch.

Without any real effort on his part, his manhood awoke and became a filthy snake that hissed at Lucy and then slithered inside her on its own volition. A snake full of venom that wanted to spread its poison everywhere.

It spit frequently. Spit into her womanhood, into her delicate mouth, onto her faultless body, up her soft creamy ass. It spit over and over and over again … more venom than one could imagine a snake would even have within it.

After every spew, Lucy’s body grew hotter and hotter and she hungrily consumed each and every drop again and again. She begged for Derrick to give her more. She was insatiable. Lucy would literally go all night with Derrick if given the chance.

Finally, after a virtual eternity, Derrick opened his eyes to find himself lying in his bed. His own stomach covered in a sticky lake of semen. The remainder of his body was drenched in sweat. He was panting and out of breath.

It had been at least 10 years since the last time that Derrick had experienced a nocturnal emission. Sure he had plenty as a teenager, but they had disappeared by the time he finished puberty. He wasn’t even aware that it was still possible at his age. But apparently it was and after all those years of nothing, he made up for it all in one night.

“I must really need to get a steady girlfriend,” he said out loud as he extricated himself from bed to go clean up the enormous mess. As he did, he noticed the clock on the nightstand read 4:01 a.m.

Entering the bathroom, he was groggy and unsteady having trouble even standing. He tried to use the sink for support as he lathered up a washcloth within its basin.

His whole body ached and he was beyond exhaustion. He was so tired as to be almost delusional. In fact at one point, he glanced up at the mirror and thought he saw writing on it in bright red lipstick. The writing that flashed before his eyes read “It’s now done. All your dreams come true, Derrick. You are mine. –L”

In the blink of an eye it was gone. It wasn’t even present long enough for his brain to process what he saw, or thought he saw. Derrick had other matters to attend to though, because he felt the urgent need to squat on the toilet as it seemed that mom’s meatloaf… the gift that keeps on giving, had decided it had stayed inside his body long enough and wanted out… right now.”

I hope you enjoyed chapter 1 of my latest release.  Anyone who had read the novel, please email me your thoughts.  I love getting feedback from my readers.


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Agent, All His Dreams Come True (part 2)

Derrick took one last breath and held it in deep, muscles tensing, legs steadying. Who knew what to expect? He grabbed the handle and with a quick turn and push, flung open the door.

Just as soon as he did, Derrick was attacked!

… by floating bubbles.

The bathtub was filled as high as possible without overflowing. A thick layer of bubbles rested on the water’s surface. More of the soapy creatures had taken flight and were floating around the room in careless paths, congregating on the sink, mirror, towel bar, and just about everywhere there was a convenient landing place.

His vision, distracted by the airborne aggressors, took some time before it finally settled upon the source of the soft, sultry voice that had been calling to him. He could only see her head. It was topped with straight, dark hair as black as night, not quite shoulder length. She was soaking in the tub… or maybe being held captive and slowly consumed by the nefarious, translucent, spherical warriors.

“THERE you are!” The voice smiled. So did the face attached to it. It was a sweet, innocent smile. Like that of a young girl, who thinks that every man in the world is as nice as her own father. Innocence that shields her from the plain and dirty fact that most men, within a span of a few seconds of laying eyes on her, are already fantasizing about what it would be like to bed and ravage her petite, sexpot body.

“Now come here and feed me. I’m soooo hungry. I’ve been starving, waiting for you so long. I need to taste your seed. Come feed me you life-giving elixir, Derrick.”

Her smile lingered. Apparently, it wasn’t quite as innocent a smile as it first seemed.

Derrick, taken aback by the sexually-aggressive advance from this unknown woman, frowned and wondered out loud “Who ARE you, girl and how did you get in?”

“You can call me ‘Lucy’,” the voice responded. “But, that’s really unimportant right now. What IS important is I need to you help me.” Then without warning, the voice changed markedly, so much so that Derrick blinked his eyes to make sure he was still staring at a sweet young girl’s face. The sound that came out next was much deeper in pitch and almost masculine. “Now COME HERE, Derrick.”

Derrick tensed up. “What I’m fixing to do is call the police, woman. Now do you want to explain to me what you’re doing here and how you got in before I do?”

Lucy looked unfazed, “nah. Go ahead and call them. I’ll wait. I’ve got … oh about another 40 minutes or so, before I have to leave.” The voice was back to a sweet, high-pitched innocence. The smile continued to linger and was joined by a guilty giggle.

Derrick backed out of the room slowly; keeping his eyes fixed on her as picked up the phone on his nightstand and dialed 911.

“9-1-1 operator. What’s your emergency?”

“Yes, hello there’s a strange woman, naked in my bathtub, taking a bubble bath and I….”

The operator interrupted, “Oh, yes sir that DOES sound like such an emergency indeed. I assume she’s trying to kill you with kisses?”

“This isn’t funny,” Derrick shot back. “I don’t know who she is and I’m a professional athlete. I’m afraid she might be a stalker.”

The operator replied back with a dull voice, “Yes sir, I’ll dispatch a unit to your location immediately. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, please hurry. Do you need my address?”

“No sir, I have that from the caller ID system…. But, Derrick? Go ahead and fuck Lucy while you wait. She won’t harm you. We promise.” The operator hung up with a click.

“What?!” Derrick was incredulous and his hand started to shake.

Lucy laughed from the tub, a strange and sinister laugh.

Derrick tried to hang-up and redial, but the phone was dead. Panicking now, he bolted for the bedroom door but found himself locked inside.

“How did you do this?” he screamed to Lucy. “How did you intercept the call and lock me in my own room with you inside?”

“Derrick! Think. What’s the only logical conclusion? Ah, I thought you were smarter than this.” Lucy’s face now looked visibly irritated.

“As far as I can tell, the only logical conclusion is that you aren’t working alone. You’re part of a group. Someone else locked us in and you’ve got someone intercepting my outgoing phone calls.” That was really the only possible explanation that came to Derrick’s mind. “OK. Tell me what you want. I don’t have much money. Take anything you want from here and just leave.”

Lucy now stood in the tub, emerging from the bubbles that had shielded her body from view. It was simply magnificent. Although small in stature, Lucy had all the right curves in all the right proportions. Her breasts were perfectly symmetrical, B-cup in size. They defied gravity. In fact, if Sir Isaac Newton were alive to see them, he’d have to go back to scribbling on a notepad because Lucy’s tits were a much more persuasive argument than any apple falling on your head.

At the end of each delectable mound of flesh protruded a dark-red, pointy nipple that begged to be kissed, licked, and sucked. Again, just EXACTLY the right size for the scale of her breasts and body overall. It was as though a God had crafted Lucy from blueprint specifications rather than nature taking its chance with random dice rolls.

The rest of Lucy’s body was similarly aesthetically perfect. Her flat, well-defined abdomen flared to wider, fuller, soft hips and thighs, narrowing once again to long, slender, muscular legs. There wasn’t a single blemish on her skin.

And of course in addition to all that, there was the seat of her womanhood. Visibly on display to Derrick as Lucy stood there. Although the rest of her body was pure perfection, Lucy’s crotch ascended to something even greater than perfect. It was ethereal, magical, infinitely complex and yet elegant visually. A strong and powerful energy emanated from within it. Light passing near her crotch was bent slightly as through passing through a prism, casting a slight reddish glow.

Derrick stood, silent, in amazement, paralyzed. He’d seen a lot of naked women in his days, but none as gorgeous as this.

It's all in the details

I thought I'd share what it's like for me to write an erotic story.

I start, before every laying down any words, just closing my eyes leaning back and imagining how the whole story will play out. I'll do this 4 or 5 times before I begin a new work. Sure, I may end up jotting down some notes each time and sometimes I envision it slightly different than the previous time. But I come pretty close to having a complete plot line established in my brain before I ever begin the actual writing.

I also have a tendency to be a lot wordier than most erotica writers.  The reason is I believe the passion and the excitement that comes from the stories is intensified if you, as the reader, are able to identify with the scene, characters, and situation.  The best way I can try to assure that is to describe everything in detail when it makes sense and adds value.

It's a fine line, though.  The story will bog down and become a muddled mess if it pauses for too long.  So, that's the balancing beam I walk daily.  Make it snappy, make it hot, and make it relate-able.  I want you to feel like you're a real part of it.  I literally want you to get so engrossed you're lost in the work.

But, there are certain details that I purposely leave out.  For instance, I often won't specify a characters race or certain physical details, if they are irrelevant to the plot.  It's up to you to fill in those blanks... making the story your own.  Imagine yourself as the lead or someone you know.  It's a fun way to enjoy the story.

I've even tried experimenting before with leaving names out completely in some cases for the same reason, but that usually gets too confusing.

It may surprise you to know that less than 1/3rd of what I write in a draft will make it through to the end.  I'm constantly rewriting or in some cases scrapping sections altogether to make the end product something I'm proud to put my name on.

The true test is when I go back for final review editing.  If I read a passage and it makes me wet... then I know it's done or nearly so!  ;-)

And that's no joke.  I often go back and reread my previous titles even after they're published.  It's not from being narcissistic.  It's more because I truly enjoy them myself... quite simply, they get me hot!  That's the standard I'm striving for in producing the final product.

After all, if the author doesn't want to go back and read their own material, because it's not interesting enough, then why should they expect you to want to read it the first time?

So that's just a little insight.  I'm not sure whether you care, but if you did, hopefully this sheds a little light on the process.



Free Agent, All His Dreams Come True (part 1)

Great news everyone!  I got permission to post Chapter 1 from "Free Agent" in the blog.  It's pretty long, so I'll do it in several posts over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy!
Legal Notice: The following material is excerpted from "Free Agent" by Gina Sartucci.  All text is copyright 2011, ADPublishing, All rights reserved.  You may post a link to this material or repost this text elsewhere on the web but only if you include this legal notice text with the posted material.  No further use of the material is allowed without the prior written consent of the author and ADPublishing.

All His Dreams Come True

“Derrick…?” The young brunette called out with a lilt in her petite voice – a voice that matched her diminutive frame. At 5’0, 103 pounds, she was just about as tiny as they come anyway. But compared to a hulking professional football player, she looked like a genuine midget.

“Derrick…? Where arrrrrreeeeeee you…?”

Derrick woke up. It was completely dark in his apartment bedroom. Looking at his nightstand he noticed the time, 3:15 a.m. Not sure whether he had actually heard anything or not, Derrick lie still in his bed and listened. After a minute or two of silence, he had almost decided it was nothing, but then….

“Derrick! Are you here or not? I’m getting tired of waiting. I just may start without you if you don’t hurry!” The voice giggled at the end of the sentence and Derrick heard a soft splash of water.

Derrick sat straight up in his bed, his heart pounding fast. Adrenaline surged through his body.

A gentle, flowery smell wafted in the air, lingering in front of him, before drawn slowly up his nostrils as he inhaled.

He had gone to sleep that night alone, as he usually did... at least as far as he could recall.

Scratching his head, he pondered. “Did I go out and pick someone up last night?” Straining to remember, he pieced back the events of last evening.

First, at around six, he had gone to see his mother who cooked him dinner. He stayed there for two hours.

Then after, he had come back to his apartment. His agent called and they spoke for less than an hour.

Following that, the evening unwound rather slowly with Derrick watching some TV, paying bills, and finally settling down on the couch with a good book, a saucy title of erotica called “Sex with Substance.” He loved the author, a young woman from Queens, and made it a point to read every book she’d released.

At around midnight he awoke, having drifted off on the couch, got undressed, and came to sleep here in his proper bed.

The sound of splashing water brought Derrick’s focus back to the issue at hand.

At 6’7”, 315 pounds, mostly muscle, the professional football lineman was not really afraid of ANYONE physically, much less a female. But having assured himself that he ended the evening alone, to be sitting in bed with a strange woman calling out to him was more than a little disconcerting.

He considered the possibilities.

Could it be a stalker? Derrick had never encountered one himself, but he had heard stories of a few guys in the league being followed obsessively by women. One case even surfaced where the girl had broken into and lived in the player’s home while he had been gone on a team road trip. When the player returned he found that the woman had rearranged all the furniture, loaded her clothes up in the closets, and even had changed her official mailing address to his place.

You never could be too careful about these sorts of situations, even if they didn’t seem immediately threatening. After all, woman or not, a deranged stalker could be unpredictable and volatile.

Derrick considered his options. Should he call the police? What if it wasn’t simply a woman? What if … it’s a group of burglars? They could possibly have weapons.

But then it occurred to him that if such a group had broken in, and knew that he was there, they wouldn’t be purposely waking him up with the siren call of a young woman. They would have attacked him in bed as he slept, when he’d be most vulnerable.

“Derrick… please, baby,” the voice insistently beckoned, starting to sound irritated.

Finally, he could take the suspense no longer. Derrick called out into the darkness, tentatively “who… who is it? Where are you?” As he spoke he slowly unfurled himself from the bed sheets and prepared for a physical assault, just in case.

“You know who it is sweetheart. I’m taking that long relaxing bath you promised me. But there’s just one thing. I can’t reach my lower back. Will you come in here and help me scrub it, Derrick…? Please… With sugar on top – and bottom. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

Funny that he hadn’t noticed the bathroom light was on until that moment. Granted the door was closed, but enough light trickled out from underneath it and into the darkened bedroom for it to be quite obvious.

“What the hell is going on” he thought to himself as he slowly approached the door and tentatively reached for the handle.

Who am I?

Hi I'm Gina Sartucci.

I'm a professional erotica author with a few published titles presently, working on more all the time.
I'm glad you stopped by for a visit. I'll try to update this blog fairly frequently, although writing is always my first priority when I'm inspired to do it.

Make yourself at home and enjoy!
xxx Gina

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