Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vicariously First Draft Complete -- Look for official release soon

OK, I'm not going to cry or moan or get dramatic about this.  But I will mention it.

Some of you already know from personal conversations with me that last week's paid sales numbered seven in total.

Yes, exactly 1 per day on average -- for about $1.80/day royalty to me.  The breakdown of sales was 1 copy of Free Agent, 6 copies of Sex with Substance and 0 copies of Gina's Secret.

I've joked since I received the report that I probably would have had better success printing my stories out on paper and standing outside my apartment building selling them to the homeless guys that occasionally walk by.  Even they seem to be able to collect more money in tin cans daily....

This was after I had been so excited by sales "doubling" the previous week to 16 from 8.  I wrongly assumed that was a sign of increasing momentum.  It appears it was just an anomaly instead.  I really feel sort of foolish now.  I guess it just illustrates again how little I know about this "business" of selling books.

I hate to even talk about the commercial side of things.  I really do.  I'd much rather just write, since it's what I enjoy, and not worry about the rest.  I HATE having to try to "sell" myself and my writing.  It just sort of makes me feel cheapened or something.

However, the simple fact of the matter is, without sales I can't afford to just write.  I'll have to go get a "real job."  I know from talking about it with some of you that you think that's a "good thing"... and it may very well be.  I'm not entirely opposed to the idea.  For one, my family would probably be thankful to hear the news.  They think I'm simply being a slacker right now.  So having a "real job" would take some pressure off me on that front.

The only thing that gives me pause about that idea is I know it would greatly reduce my writing time from 50-60 hours per week probably down to 8 hours or less.  It's really hard to write books... at least ones that are good with decent continuity, when you start and stop working on them so frequently and for such short periods.  I'm afraid I might also lose interest/motivation to write.  It's hard getting excited to do it when you're worn out and tired.

Anyway, I'm not going to bitch about it.  I'll accept whatever fate has in store for me.  But I did adjust my plans for Vicariously as a result.

I went back and edited what I had generated already to create a complete "first draft" that now weighs in at just over 15,000 words.  My original story line would have required about 35,000-40,000 words to tell.  But my experience with Free Agent (which is ~ 27,000 words) makes me think that maybe people just don't want to devote the 2-3 hours necessary to read that size title.

So rather than "finish" Vicariously in the manner I first intended, I've cut it short.  It's still a very good story I think and I rewrote it to wrap up most loose ends so that the piece stands as a very respectable stand-alone effort.  Because it is shorter, that will mean the price can be set at $0.99 instead of $2.99.

I'll see if there is enough interest in it at that bargain basement price.  If there is and if people report to me that they enjoy the story, I can write the second part of what I'd intended into a volume two and release it for $0.99 as well.  But if it bombs like Free Agent did with no one even bothering to try it (it has sold 5 copies in 4 weeks), then I'll have at least saved my time upfront and I'll come to the conclusion that I need to start job hunting before the remainder of my savings run out.

I'll let you know once the story is available for sale.  Please consider giving it a try (or any of the other 3 titles I have out now).  Because I really do want to continue writing full-time if I can manage it.

Thanks for listening.


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  1. well as you have reduced the price ill buy 3 hows that for a deal, ill let you try and work out which of your fans it is x