Saturday, October 8, 2011

Symbiotic Perversions (part 2)

If you missed part 1 of this story, you can read it here first before proceeding: Symbiotic Perversions (part 1)

Honestly, I know this isn't my best work... I've been off my game a bit lately.  But I'm trying to at least write SOMETHING to hopefully get back into the swing of things.  I hope you enjoy part 2.


If any of the bar patrons would bother to focus upon her face (most were too keenly concerned about what was happening below), they might have detected the grin that she was so desperately trying to suppress.  She knew this was the magic moment in the evening.  The point at which the stakes were about to escalate... when all of their acting would pay off.

Her man made a move to head towards the bathroom, but before he did he made a display of ordering another drink from the bartender, making it clear that he intended to return to his spot at the bar... lest some dirty dog try to sneak up and make a move on her uninvited.

Of course a "dirty dog" was exactly what both of them had in mind, but one that would be hand-picked was much more ideal.  They both liked to orchestrate the situation as much as possible to ensure it didn't get totally out of control.

Her man had already picked a target, an unassuming middle age guy, sitting alone at a table drinking a scotch and water.  He wore a blue-collared shirt with his named stitched on it.  "Tony" the embroidery read.  His baseball cap, company issued, sported the name of a well-known local plumbing company.

On the way back from the bathroom, he stopped at Tony's table and plopped down into one of the empty seats somewhat startling the man.  "Hi, I'm Gary," he said extended a hand towards the shocked plumber.  Tony sat dumbfounded and motionless, unsure of how to react.

"I couldn't help but notice you watching the scene at the bar just a little while ago."

The man's eyes had been focused upon them for the entire time and he had discreetly started rubbing himself under the table while he watched the couple play out their little act.

Tony's eyes widened as he protested, "Oh, I didn't mean anything by that.  I was just looking off into space..."

Gary grinned and retorted, "yeah just looking off into space you were... or more accurately..." he flung his head motioning towards the sexy vixen at the bar, "looking to try to see the space underneath her skirt."

Tony's cheeks turned flush even as he tried to deny any such intent.

But Gary cut him off, "Tony, just shut up and listen.  Today is going to be your lucky day.  That woman doesn't mean anything to me.  I just met her here tonight and barely know her."  He paused for effect and then reached into his pants pocket withdrawing her sexy panties.  "But what I do know is that she's a horny slut.  Look at how wet she got these panties when I shoved my hand up her skirt."  Gary made a point to display the visibly discolored crotch material as he spoke.

Tony really didn't know what to say about all this.  One thing for certain though, it had definitely aroused him and he sat nervously waiting for Gary to continue explaining how this was going to be "his lucky day."  Fortunately Gary didn't leave him hanging for long.

"This is how we're going to play this, Tony.  I'm going back to the bar.  After 2-3 minutes, you'll walk up and act like you're an old friend.  We'll start up a little conversation and while we do, I won't mind at all if you slip your hand up that bitch's skirt and cop a little feel of her wet twat.  Hell I doubt that she'll mind it either.  She seems looser than a faulty Vegas slot machine and I'm sure she will love it if you spin her reels around a bit.  Just be a bit discreet about it man.  We don't want to spook her or cause a big scene...."

Tony, mouth gaping open, stared back in disbelief and asked "Why?  Why are you doing this... for me?"

Gary grinned, "Cause you look like a hard-working guy and I'd feel selfish feeling up this slut all by myself tonight.  But, if you don't want to do it...."  His voice trailed off giving Tony the option to decline if he was stupid enough to do so.

"No. No! I'll do it.  But what if she gets upset?"

"Don't worry buddy.  I have a pretty strong feeling she won't"  Gary got up without speaking another word and headed back to the bar.  Now the couple would just have to wait to see if Tony would be brave enough to follow through with the impromptu instructions that Gary had given to him.  It only took a few minutes for Tony to act, but to Gary and his woman it felt like hours of anxious waiting.

(to be continued)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Twitter Challenge!

I'm writing today, but also scanning Twitter occasionally.  I just saw the following tweet from @SexExperiment

Could "delete button" ever be sexily used for a part of the female anatomy (you choose)? "Sexily" is the key word, and that's a challenge.

My contention is ANYTHING can be made sexy if you are willing to work it enough.  In this case, I think it's quite easy.  Please excuse the brevity of this post... it's just something I'm throwing together in a few minute break in response to this "challenge" lol.  Enjoy
After entering the massage room, she undressed down to her panties and took her usual position on the table face down into that little hole cut out for that very purpose. It was just a normal Friday spa day after all.

But wasn't normal about this FRIDAY was the fact the spa had just hired a new masseur and it was her lucky day to draw his attention for her weekly massage.

Actually it was going to be more like her lucky YEAR, because Jean-Patrick as he was called was a master of the art of massage. He was able to work her body with his digits in a way she had never experienced nor dreamed possible. It felt as though pure energy flowed out of his fingertips right into her very being. It electrified her senses, relieving stress and also quite honestly turning her on during the process as well.

For 20 minutes Jean-Patrick worked every inch of her nearly naked body with perfection. His technique was flawless as not a single action or finger-placement was ill-advised. It was akin to a typist being able to churn out 100 words-per-minute on a keyboard... and better yet with no typo mistakes!

Jean-Patrick's pleasurable kneading and touching had her almost in a trance-like state as the maestro "fingerist" worked her bodily keyboard over... it wouldn't matter if she were QWERTY or DVORAK or any other derivative for that matter as his hands knew exactly where to go and she willingly accepted every masterful keypress stroke. That is until he was working the back of her thighs and... intended or not... Jean-Patrick squarely administered pressure to her "delete button" snapping her immediately back from her dream-state to the realization that this strange man had been brazen enough to sneak his finger inside the entrance of her castle walls.

And although her defenses had been down and it may have even seemed like she willed him to enter her fortress, her instincts now had her calling the emergency guards... no that faux pas would not easily be erased with liquid paper!


OK, nothing to write home about I know it, but this is one-pass with no real editing.  But I think it's a sufficiently sexy use of "delete button" to meet the challenge.  I'm interested to see if you agree.  Let me know!