Friday, September 30, 2011

Going Above (and below) for Breast Cancer Awareness

Today's post is sort of a dual-theme:  Breast Cancer Awareness and Artistic Nudity.

My sincere thanks to @Irish_Greg for allowing me to use his pic for today's post.  Unfortunately he's caused quite a drop in my productivity this morning because for 30 minutes I've just been stuck here staring at it...  um, I mean worried about properly sizing/positioning it and all that stuff.  Purely professional reasons of course.  ;-)

But seriously the man is simply sexy and there's no denying that.  This shot is very lovely too.  Greg treats us to his absolutely amazing butt, sexy back and even turns to show us that adorable face.  A triple-treat of excitement without offending!  A perfect artistic nudity shot.  If I could somehow jump into the frame I'd give him a nice back scrub in thanks for his contribution.

Best of all, when I contacted Greg to ask his permission to use this photo he was quick to point out that this provocative pic is his way to support the gals on #FeelemFriday.  So his heart is in the right place too!

Before I stumbled upon Greg's AVI last week I'd never heard of him.  But this image caught my attention and kept it!  I've been a follower of his ever since and I recommend that you follow him too.  Again his user name is @Irish_Greg.  Don't forget that today is #FeelemFriday so boobs, moobs, and nads are all ripe for the touching today... all in the name of cancer prevention!

Bye for now @Irish_Greg.  You'll be in the forefront of my mind for the rest of the day....


P.S. Do you guys think I can get him to join the secret agents of SFG69?  Of course he might have to submit to an entrance exam in my office to ensure that butt of his isn't infected... looks remarkably puffy like it may have been compromised in the same way as the other agents during their recent Hooter's assignment.  I think I need to get a sample to rule out the possibility.

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