Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness -- Guys Help Raise Awareness Too

Now I KNOW all you guys love it when the gals post their breast cancer awareness AVIs on twitter on Wednesdays and/or Fridays.

We're glad you love it... it's quite flattering.  But please don't forget the reason it's being done.

How can you help repay us for sharing?  Speaking for myself, in 2 simple ways.

1.  Don't forget to give your own shoutout to #BoobieWed #BoobieWednesday and #FeelEmFriday from time-to-time to help keep the topic in mind and raise awareness.  You can retweet someone else's SO or why not just do one of your own as well!?

2.  Like this anonymous follower, post your own chest shot guys.  We ladies really appreciate getting some eye candy of our own and men are affected by breast cancer as well so it's completely appropriate....

OK, I admit the eye candy part is truly a big motivating factor.  What?  That should make you feel good about it.  So show us your pecs men!  I know not a lot of guys are actually doing this these days.  That's why when someone does like this... it instantly raises my opinion of him several notches.

So join us in the fight, raise awareness and maybe get a few ladies a little hot and bothered as well.  What's the downside?  None really!  I expect to see more male boobie shots going forward.  Please don't disappoint me.


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