Saturday, October 8, 2011

Symbiotic Perversions (part 2)

If you missed part 1 of this story, you can read it here first before proceeding: Symbiotic Perversions (part 1)

Honestly, I know this isn't my best work... I've been off my game a bit lately.  But I'm trying to at least write SOMETHING to hopefully get back into the swing of things.  I hope you enjoy part 2.


If any of the bar patrons would bother to focus upon her face (most were too keenly concerned about what was happening below), they might have detected the grin that she was so desperately trying to suppress.  She knew this was the magic moment in the evening.  The point at which the stakes were about to escalate... when all of their acting would pay off.

Her man made a move to head towards the bathroom, but before he did he made a display of ordering another drink from the bartender, making it clear that he intended to return to his spot at the bar... lest some dirty dog try to sneak up and make a move on her uninvited.

Of course a "dirty dog" was exactly what both of them had in mind, but one that would be hand-picked was much more ideal.  They both liked to orchestrate the situation as much as possible to ensure it didn't get totally out of control.

Her man had already picked a target, an unassuming middle age guy, sitting alone at a table drinking a scotch and water.  He wore a blue-collared shirt with his named stitched on it.  "Tony" the embroidery read.  His baseball cap, company issued, sported the name of a well-known local plumbing company.

On the way back from the bathroom, he stopped at Tony's table and plopped down into one of the empty seats somewhat startling the man.  "Hi, I'm Gary," he said extended a hand towards the shocked plumber.  Tony sat dumbfounded and motionless, unsure of how to react.

"I couldn't help but notice you watching the scene at the bar just a little while ago."

The man's eyes had been focused upon them for the entire time and he had discreetly started rubbing himself under the table while he watched the couple play out their little act.

Tony's eyes widened as he protested, "Oh, I didn't mean anything by that.  I was just looking off into space..."

Gary grinned and retorted, "yeah just looking off into space you were... or more accurately..." he flung his head motioning towards the sexy vixen at the bar, "looking to try to see the space underneath her skirt."

Tony's cheeks turned flush even as he tried to deny any such intent.

But Gary cut him off, "Tony, just shut up and listen.  Today is going to be your lucky day.  That woman doesn't mean anything to me.  I just met her here tonight and barely know her."  He paused for effect and then reached into his pants pocket withdrawing her sexy panties.  "But what I do know is that she's a horny slut.  Look at how wet she got these panties when I shoved my hand up her skirt."  Gary made a point to display the visibly discolored crotch material as he spoke.

Tony really didn't know what to say about all this.  One thing for certain though, it had definitely aroused him and he sat nervously waiting for Gary to continue explaining how this was going to be "his lucky day."  Fortunately Gary didn't leave him hanging for long.

"This is how we're going to play this, Tony.  I'm going back to the bar.  After 2-3 minutes, you'll walk up and act like you're an old friend.  We'll start up a little conversation and while we do, I won't mind at all if you slip your hand up that bitch's skirt and cop a little feel of her wet twat.  Hell I doubt that she'll mind it either.  She seems looser than a faulty Vegas slot machine and I'm sure she will love it if you spin her reels around a bit.  Just be a bit discreet about it man.  We don't want to spook her or cause a big scene...."

Tony, mouth gaping open, stared back in disbelief and asked "Why?  Why are you doing this... for me?"

Gary grinned, "Cause you look like a hard-working guy and I'd feel selfish feeling up this slut all by myself tonight.  But, if you don't want to do it...."  His voice trailed off giving Tony the option to decline if he was stupid enough to do so.

"No. No! I'll do it.  But what if she gets upset?"

"Don't worry buddy.  I have a pretty strong feeling she won't"  Gary got up without speaking another word and headed back to the bar.  Now the couple would just have to wait to see if Tony would be brave enough to follow through with the impromptu instructions that Gary had given to him.  It only took a few minutes for Tony to act, but to Gary and his woman it felt like hours of anxious waiting.

(to be continued)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Twitter Challenge!

I'm writing today, but also scanning Twitter occasionally.  I just saw the following tweet from @SexExperiment

Could "delete button" ever be sexily used for a part of the female anatomy (you choose)? "Sexily" is the key word, and that's a challenge.

My contention is ANYTHING can be made sexy if you are willing to work it enough.  In this case, I think it's quite easy.  Please excuse the brevity of this post... it's just something I'm throwing together in a few minute break in response to this "challenge" lol.  Enjoy
After entering the massage room, she undressed down to her panties and took her usual position on the table face down into that little hole cut out for that very purpose. It was just a normal Friday spa day after all.

But wasn't normal about this FRIDAY was the fact the spa had just hired a new masseur and it was her lucky day to draw his attention for her weekly massage.

Actually it was going to be more like her lucky YEAR, because Jean-Patrick as he was called was a master of the art of massage. He was able to work her body with his digits in a way she had never experienced nor dreamed possible. It felt as though pure energy flowed out of his fingertips right into her very being. It electrified her senses, relieving stress and also quite honestly turning her on during the process as well.

For 20 minutes Jean-Patrick worked every inch of her nearly naked body with perfection. His technique was flawless as not a single action or finger-placement was ill-advised. It was akin to a typist being able to churn out 100 words-per-minute on a keyboard... and better yet with no typo mistakes!

Jean-Patrick's pleasurable kneading and touching had her almost in a trance-like state as the maestro "fingerist" worked her bodily keyboard over... it wouldn't matter if she were QWERTY or DVORAK or any other derivative for that matter as his hands knew exactly where to go and she willingly accepted every masterful keypress stroke. That is until he was working the back of her thighs and... intended or not... Jean-Patrick squarely administered pressure to her "delete button" snapping her immediately back from her dream-state to the realization that this strange man had been brazen enough to sneak his finger inside the entrance of her castle walls.

And although her defenses had been down and it may have even seemed like she willed him to enter her fortress, her instincts now had her calling the emergency guards... no that faux pas would not easily be erased with liquid paper!


OK, nothing to write home about I know it, but this is one-pass with no real editing.  But I think it's a sufficiently sexy use of "delete button" to meet the challenge.  I'm interested to see if you agree.  Let me know!



Friday, September 30, 2011

Going Above (and below) for Breast Cancer Awareness

Today's post is sort of a dual-theme:  Breast Cancer Awareness and Artistic Nudity.

My sincere thanks to @Irish_Greg for allowing me to use his pic for today's post.  Unfortunately he's caused quite a drop in my productivity this morning because for 30 minutes I've just been stuck here staring at it...  um, I mean worried about properly sizing/positioning it and all that stuff.  Purely professional reasons of course.  ;-)

But seriously the man is simply sexy and there's no denying that.  This shot is very lovely too.  Greg treats us to his absolutely amazing butt, sexy back and even turns to show us that adorable face.  A triple-treat of excitement without offending!  A perfect artistic nudity shot.  If I could somehow jump into the frame I'd give him a nice back scrub in thanks for his contribution.

Best of all, when I contacted Greg to ask his permission to use this photo he was quick to point out that this provocative pic is his way to support the gals on #FeelemFriday.  So his heart is in the right place too!

Before I stumbled upon Greg's AVI last week I'd never heard of him.  But this image caught my attention and kept it!  I've been a follower of his ever since and I recommend that you follow him too.  Again his user name is @Irish_Greg.  Don't forget that today is #FeelemFriday so boobs, moobs, and nads are all ripe for the touching today... all in the name of cancer prevention!

Bye for now @Irish_Greg.  You'll be in the forefront of my mind for the rest of the day....


P.S. Do you guys think I can get him to join the secret agents of SFG69?  Of course he might have to submit to an entrance exam in my office to ensure that butt of his isn't infected... looks remarkably puffy like it may have been compromised in the same way as the other agents during their recent Hooter's assignment.  I think I need to get a sample to rule out the possibility.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Symbiotic Perversions (part 1)

They were an absolutely perfect couple. 

She loved to be seen and touched by strangers but was far too shy to initiate the experience. He loved to show her off and was excited to see other men (and women) pleasure her.

Tonight it would be a bit of the usual. They would go out for a few drinks at a random bar and see what sort of attention they could draw.

They liked to pretend they were strangers. Dressed casually in torn, well-worn jeans and unimpressive flannel shirt, he'd enter the bar first, ordering a drink and striking up conversation with some of the other patrons.  He was boisterous anyway, but he'd be sure to really stand out now to gather some initial attention.

After about 10 minutes or so, she'd arrive, decked out in a much too short skirt, lace panties underneath and a silk blouse, no bra. She'd sit a few spots away from him ordering her own drink to enforce the idea that she was there alone.

They always liked to sit on raised stools at the bar to draw the most attention.  That and it afforded the best view to as many of the onlookers as possible.

They'd start their performance slowly, just having a couple drinks each and casually conversing at a distance. She'd feign disinterest in him... short, terse responses when he spoke; patronizing smiles that were meant to look dismissive. But over the course of 30 minutes or so, she'd start to "warm up" to his attention. Eventually she'd laugh at a joke or smile warmly his way as the conversation loosened up.

At that point he'd "make a move" to join her by "buying her a drink" and relocating to the stool next to her. Of course all the guys at the bar would be keenly interested to see how things progressed for him. Some would talk in whispers and make little wagers about whether he'd "strike out" with this foxy lady that was so obviously out of his league.

They'd sit and talk for awhile enjoying another drink each. Then he'd casually move his hand to her leg, right below the bottom edge of her skirt. She'd respond by spreading her legs apart ever so slightly. By then the interest level of the bar patrons would be soaring. Most of them would be obsessed with what was going on... even as they tried to act as though they hadn’t noticed.

They could both sense the eyes upon them and it made entire experience so exciting. But they acted cool and unaware... carrying on their conversation as if in their own little world.

Over a short period of time, he'd gradually move his hand further up her leg and she'd respond by scooting a little closer to him and parting her thighs a bit more.  Eventually his entire hand would completely disappear under her skirt. In the meantime they both carried on talking, eyes locked as though nothing unusual was going on.

At that point the atmosphere in the bar would be electric. Anyone that hadn’t already been watching would be made aware in hushed whispers from the others. Some of the more brazen patrons might start to reposition themselves in an attempt to get a look up the sexy, and apparently slutty, woman's skirt to see exactly what might be going on.

The final set piece of the performance would consist of him slowly withdrawing his hand and with it her panties... and in a faux act of discreetness crumpling them and placing them into his pants pocket.

To Be Continued...

Hope you guys enjoyed the start.... I'll continue the story in a couple days.  ;-)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

More about the creative writing process

My Internet has been down all day.  So I thought I'd create a post that I can hopefully get onto the blog when service is restored.  This one is less about the erotica itself and more about the technical & creative aspects of how I write.

I've been complimented from time-to-tim about my writing quality (not to brag) and I thank everyone for that as I really appreciate the remarks.  But it's not really a "natural" ability that just flows out of me.  It's the result of simple multi-pass refinement.

What I am hoping to do with this post is show you how almost anyone can achieve the same level of prose if you're truly dedicated to doing so.  I'm going to write an uber-short "erotic story" right now from scratch and show you how it develops into final form from a less than auspicious start.

Now the end result probably won't be anything special, but the point is to notice how it vastly improves during each pass.

First draft:  (Throw ideas down, get the general direction... ignore all errors)

He walked by window, noticed light and saw girl undresing. Hes undetected so split decision required to walk by or ssatify lustful pervy need to peep.  Checkuing around no one out that obviously sees him so he hides and watches her finishi undressing for night. Just as light in room goes out he finishes slef-pleasuring.


OK.  So obviously the above is very short and crappy quality.  It's riddled with spelling mistakes galore and incomplete thoughts.  But the purpose is to record the initial idea flow as it occurs to me as quickly as possible.  I never stop to edit unless I make a mistake that's SO bad I won't be able to decipher what was even intended when I go back to edit.

Now having completed the draft, I can go back and address each idea, expanding it as I correct all of the obvious mistakes as well.

First edit:  (Fix errors, further refine text & story ideas.  Add some ambiance)

Coming home from the bar he noticed a light emanating from her bedroom window.  Not really intending to peek, but still... the sexy young coed's partially-undressed body was clearly visible from the street.

He had a decision... walk by and be thankful for the brief exciting view or stop and watch this young lady.  He was on the fence, but had to decide quickly.  Glancing around to ensure no one was present, he slipped into a dark shadow to watch her.

He really couldn't help himself.  The spontaneous display was just so exciting.  So he stopped in the shadows, unzipping his pants and turning his attention to his own sex organ.

The moment only lasts briefly as she finishes undressing and then reaches for the wall switch and extinguishes the light.  But the moment lasted just long enough for him to complete his perverted pleasuring outside her window on this dark, but now noticeably warmer, evening.


OK, so after first edit it's much better.  This might be the point I stop at for a blog post or other partial idea.  But for most stories I'm intending to publish, I'd go back at least one more time (more likely 2-3 times) refining and embellishing the story each pass.

Second edit:  (Embellish story.  Add even more ambiance.  Start to develop/describe characters.)

Coming home from the bar Tom was enjoying the cool still night.  There had been a new moon earlier in the week so it was mostly pitch dark.  The darkness made it easy to notice the contrasting light emanating from her bedroom window.  Not really intending to peek, Tom simply couldn't help it... the sexy young coed's partially-undressed body was clearly visible from the street.  Her blond hair, long and straight, hung down in front of her already naked b-cup breasts .  Her skin was tan and smooth and he imagined how soft it must feel to the touch.

Tom had a decision... to walk on by and be thankful for the brief exciting view he'd already seen or live up to his name and decide to stop and "peep" this young lady.  He was on the fence but had to decide quickly.  Glancing around to ensure no one was present, Tom went with his genetic male tendencies and slipped into a dark shadow to watch her complete her undressing.  

She was just starting to remove her pants and even from a distance of about 12 feet Tom could make out the tattoo, a simple red heart, located right above her pubic patch and peeking out from the top of her white panties.  He could also see through their thin fabric that this beautiful girl was not a true blond though she did seem to keep things trimmed up nicely.

Tom really couldn't help himself.  The excitement of this spontaneous display had already inflated his sex organ to half-mast.  Without even considering the risk he unzipped and removed it from his trousers now eagerly coaxing his cock to full attention.

Without a moment to spare Tom's body, or most specifically his groin, had quickly reached a heightened sense of arousal which peaked just as the sexy girl, now fully nude, extended her dainty hand towards the wall switch that would extinguish the light.  Fortunately for Tom, her body had turned to face the window straight on and her full-frontal nudity was all the visual stimulation Tom needed to complete his perverted pleasuring outside her window on this dark, but now noticeably warmer, evening.


So the story is still nothing special, but it's quite a lot better than the mess I started with in the hasty first draft.  Now honestly I wouldn't normally write the first draft spontaneously like that.  I would have already planned out the scenes, mentally and in outline form, ahead of time.  

But the point simply is... when it comes time to write, what I feel works best is to not get bogged down spending lots of time during the first draft creation.  Just getting ideas down is the most important part.

Then expanding the story, fixing typos, or adding flowery text can all come later during subsequently editing passes.

So if you have a desire to do your own writing, but feel like you cannot attain the "finished quality" of some other things you've read, just remember that those pieces mostly likely got to that level through this multi-pass refinement process.  

Give it a try yourself.  It might not work for you initially (or at all) but I happen to know that quite a lot of writers do in fact use a process very similar to this.

And if you have no desire to write at all, but still read this far anyway, I hope you found this post to be entertaining or enlightening.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photo Shoot with Penny

@PennyWills85 Follow her on Twitter
Thanks so much to twitter follower @PennyWills85 for allowing me to use her pic for this post and also agreeing to costar in the accompanying erotic fantasy.  This is a longer one than usual, but hopefully you will agree that in this case size matters and enhances the pleasure!  ;-) xxx

Without further delay, I present to you:


Photo Shoot with Penny

I never imagined it would come to something like this. I have a college degree after all. That was supposed to be my “ticket” out of poverty. My poor dad, just a blue collar worker, struggled to send all us kids to college so that we could have a “better life” than he’d had. He was the consummate family man sacrificing everything, including his own day-to-day existence, to make things better for us.

Mom didn’t work. He wouldn’t let her. He insisted that her full-time job was in the home being a mother to us all. And though we struggled even more financially as a result of that edict, I can’t help but look back and agree he was right. Having the constant nurturing, care, and guidance from our mother made all six of us kids grow up feeling loved.

What would Daddy think of this choice? He certainly wouldn’t approve. But, would he disown me? Would it be an insult to all of his hard work to keep me fed, clothed and educated? Or, would he understand… that I was just doing whatever it took to get by… very much as he had done his entire life to support all of us?

I didn’t know for sure, but I certainly also wasn’t keen to find out. That’s one reason why I had downplayed my own financial problems at the same time that I’d been secretly considering something like this all along.

The “job opportunities” ad in the newspaper simply read, “$300, 4 hours nude modeling, 30yo or younger, reasonably fit” with a phone number to call. I was making just over $300 a week and that just wasn’t cutting it to get by. Each month my meager savings were dwindling to supplement that income to make ends meet. There weren’t many months-worth left. So the idea of effectively doubling this week’s income for an afternoon’s time was VERY appealing indeed.

I dialed the number and my heart stuck in my throat. The voice on the other end, a woman, simply answered “hello?” That was a bit confusing for a place of business I thought and I almost hung up.

But then somehow I forced out, “I’m calling about the ad…?”

The morning of the shoot I was so nervous I had to pee about every 10 minutes. I just knew that was going to go over really well if it continued. The studio was only a half-mile from my downtown apartment, very convenient and lucky since I don’t own a car. I’d be able to walk there and back thus avoiding exorbitant taxi cab fares.

I must admit I almost chickened out at the last moment… I really did. But the stack of unpaid bills on the coffee table gave me the strength and motivation I needed to walk those 4 blocks. Along the way I imagined that everyone I passed was able to look at me and just intrinsically knew what I was about to do. How dirty and slutty I was. I couldn’t bring myself to make eye contact with anyone as a result.

When I got to the building the studio was in, an old converted apartment building, my heart was racing and my hand was shaking as I pushed the doorbell for suite 303 in the entryway. It simply had a sticker above it with the beautifully handwritten “Photography by Penelope” scrawled in purple ink.

A female voice came from the simple wall-mounted speaker “Yes?”

“I have an appointment” I answered. I couldn’t even bring myself to utter my own name, I was so ashamed and embarrassed.

No response other than the buzzer being pressed releasing the lock of the entryway door.


I climbed the stairs to the third floor and was greeted at the top by a simply stunning raven-haired beauty. She extended her hand and I immediately noticed the beautiful gold bracelet she wore and the enormous diamond ring as I gently accepted her handshake. “Hi, I’m Penny sweetheart. Come in. Can I get you some tea or coffee?”

That would be the last thing I wanted both because of my anxiety and because even though I had just peed before I left my apartment I needed to yet again.

“No thanks, but could I just use your bathroom?”

“Sure honey. It’s over there, second door on the right” Penny said as she smiled at me warmly and pointed down the hall.

As I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet I looked down upon my own crotch and thought “Wow, I am about to show this woman this view and more… for money. And she is going to subsequently show it to untold numbers of people. All for $300. Is it worth is really? Maybe I should leave.”

But as I reemerged from the bathroom, before I could say anything, Penny instructed me “Anytime you need a break for a drink or the bathroom or whatever, just let me know. I’m not the clock-watching type. We’ll have plenty of time to get the shots I’d like.”

Not sure of what to say I simply muttered “OK.” And with that I supposed I had sealed my fate to go forward with it. Kind of as a last desperate attempt, I added “but I’ve never done anything like this before….” I guess I was maybe hoping she might decide to call the whole thing off when she found out I was inexperienced.

“Nude modeling? It’s OK honey, it’s really just like normal modeling. I’ll tell you when to remove your garments. I’ve got several outfits and costumes for you to wear anyway. After a couple outfits it will feel just like normal to you.”

Obviously we had a bit of a communication gap, “No. I mean I’ve never done this… modeling at all, nude or otherwise.”

She looked at me shocked and I was sure that meant the end of our session. But instead she said, “You’re kidding me. Sweetheart you are gorgeous. You look like a natural model.”

I blushed from the unexpected compliment.

She continued on, “Well I feel all the more special then being your first. I’m very lucky being able to discover a gem like you.”

I wasn’t sure all that gushing was appropriate but at least I was starting to feel a little less uncomfortable as a result. “OK, well just tell me what to do then, I guess.”

She looked me up and down, I was wearing blue jeans and a maroon button-down ruffle shirt… not exactly the outfit of a fashion plate.

“Well these clothes simply will not do, so let’s get you changed into your first outfit.” She pointed to a rack with hanging clothes. On it were a fancy black evening dress, sexy hosiery, garters and crotch-less panties! I looked at the tag on the dress.

“I’ve already preselected all the clothes to fit based on the size you said you were on the phone. But if something is a little too snug or loose I have others available we can try.”

I tried to gather the things up in my arms to head back towards the bathroom but as I did the frown on Penny’s face told me that wasn’t going to work.

“Listen baby. I realize you might be a little shy since this is your first time. But I’m going to see you naked anyway… that and I really like to take photos of you dressing and undressing as well, so I’m sorry, but you’re going to need to change right here.”

As if the issue were totally decided, her statement was punctuated by her turning on a switch that suddenly illuminated the entire area in bright photographic lights. Not only would I need to strip naked right there in front of Penny, but she was going to capture it all under the harshest lighting conditions that would allow me to keep no secrets whatsoever.

A small tear formed in the corner of my eye and started to trickle down my cheek even as I began unbuttoning my top.


To get through the trauma of it all, I had to simply let my mind go blank. But the sound of the camera shutter clicking wasn’t loud enough to drown out my suppressed sobs. After awhile Penny stopped and approached me.

“What’s wrong baby? Why are you crying?”

“I don’t really know I told her.” It was a lie, one of convenience. There was no way I could explain it to her.

She reached up and wiped a tear from my cheek. “It’s OK sugar, it’s alright. No more pictures honey if they upset you so much.”

“But I really need the money. I have to do this.” My lips formed into an involuntary pout and penny just looked at them transfixed … and then kissed me.

I was in shock. I couldn’t move or speak. I just stood there looking at her. So she kissed me again. Her lips were soft and velvety and I felt a tingle of excitement when she did.

Although I’d had a few experiences with women before, none had been while I was sober. It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling for me. But Penny was in fact very beautiful and I was attracted to her. Because of that fact and because it alleviated the fear and pain of posing nude, I let her seduce me right there in the studio in front of those bright lights.

I’d only gotten partially undressed before suffering my complete breakdown so now she helped me complete the job or at least down to my bra and panties. At that point I went ahead and took the initiative to start on her own clothes. As soon as I made that move, she quickly followed and helped me strip her to undergarments as well.

Penny’s body was magnificent. She was wearing very sultry black and red bra and panties under her professional skirt and silk blouse. She also had on black fishnet stockings with a floral pattern embellishment.

Suddenly the situation went from one in which I was scared and uncomfortable into one in which I was excited and extremely horny. We kissed again, now very passionately. The soft subtle lip-to-lip “excuse me” kisses replaced by hungry, tongue-probing, passionate ones.

Penny was the first to start exploring, leaving my face and heading southwardly down my body, kissing and licking and groping my flesh in a thrilling exhibition of expert carnal pleasure-giving. First focusing on my chest with bra on, she teased and pleased for quite some time. My nipples, rock hard now, were poking insistently and clamoring to be freed from their fabric bindings.

Penny continued to tease and I’d had all of that I could take so I reached up and gently guided her head to my right tit in unison with my left hand unclasping my bra. She smiled at me with a wicked grin and went right to work on licking and suckling my sensitive nipple and areola. Her tongue not only excited the nerve endings in my breast but seemingly brought to life my entire nervous system as I felt waves of pleasure coursing through my entire body all the way to my toes.

After a few minutes she switched sides and gave similar attention to my left breast. By now I was literally aching for her touch down below. But I wouldn’t put my selfish needs above hers. There was time for that later. Instead I took the lead and drew back from her mouth and now lowered my head to return the favor.

Even before I could reach her soft, beautiful, blemish- free skin Penny had already removed her brassiere. Apparently she wouldn’t let me put her through the same slow, drawn out torture she’d done to me.

As I flicked my tongue in concentric circles around her nipples, Penny reached her hand down into my panties and found I’d already made a wet mess in their crotch. She proceeded to manipulate my soft folds in such a probing fashion, ensuring the mess would get even worse.

Things were quickly escalating… so it was a damn good thing there was a bed right there in the studio. We both headed towards it without a word. Fuck the frilly undergarments, it was time to strip completely naked. With urgency we nearly tore each other’s panties off and seamlessly slipped into a sixty-nine position.

Penny, a stranger to me less than 30 minutes ago, buried her face into my most sacred, guarded place and I did the same to her.  The combination of her skillful soft tongue on one end and her sweet flowery scent and decadently wonderful taste on the other was driving me wild and pushed me to the brink of orgasm within a few minutes. Her own ample and increasing wetness told me without words that Penny was loving this as much as I. 

Whether through sheer coincidence or some freaky kismet connection we both ended up climaxing at nearly the exact same moment and it was a fantastic union of dual pleasure consisting of synchronized moaning, shuddering, and exchange of hot bodily fluids. My own orgasm seemed to last for at least 10 seconds of continuous “almost too much to take” electrifying pleasure. I couldn't be certain about Penny, but she seemed to enjoy hers nearly as much.

The most unique thing… was that afterwards... as we now both lay exhausted on the studio bed “prop” there was no awkward moment that almost always accompanies a spontaneous hookup with a stranger. No instead we cuddled in each other’s arms. I now felt completely at ease. After a short while of recovery, we commenced to administering a second orgasm on each other. This time we took turns giving and receiving with Penny being the first to offer me the wonderful gift of an equally Earth-shattering climax. As she worked her magic on me I stared in wonder at her incredible flawless beauty.

I returned the favor shortly thereafter and Penny rewarded me with the most delicious cum that I had ever tasted from male or female in all of the sexual encounters I'd ever had.  Again afterward, we were both so spent as to barely be able to move. 

It had been over two hours now and although I was dreading even asking about it, the unfortunate reality had sunk in. I had come here to earn some much-needed cash and Penny had taken practically no photos of me this morning.

“I’m not going to earn that $300 today am I?”

Penny sighed and said, “No sugar I’m afraid not.”

I knew that was coming, but what I didn’t expect was her next statement. “But you will be earning $2,500 darling if you’re willing to sign the release.”

I stared at her with confused look and she took me by the hand and led me over to the video camera, set on tripod and running, impossible to see until we cleared those damned bright studio lights.  It had recorded our entire encounter from the moment I had started undressing. 

“It’s $2,500 guaranteed to sign the release.  But if the DVD does well, I’ll share the profits with you 50/50. There is a big market for amateur lesbian porn honey… especially genuine amateurs. And your performance darling was as genuine as they get.”

Breast Cancer Awareness -- Guys Help Raise Awareness Too

Now I KNOW all you guys love it when the gals post their breast cancer awareness AVIs on twitter on Wednesdays and/or Fridays.

We're glad you love it... it's quite flattering.  But please don't forget the reason it's being done.

How can you help repay us for sharing?  Speaking for myself, in 2 simple ways.

1.  Don't forget to give your own shoutout to #BoobieWed #BoobieWednesday and #FeelEmFriday from time-to-time to help keep the topic in mind and raise awareness.  You can retweet someone else's SO or why not just do one of your own as well!?

2.  Like this anonymous follower, post your own chest shot guys.  We ladies really appreciate getting some eye candy of our own and men are affected by breast cancer as well so it's completely appropriate....

OK, I admit the eye candy part is truly a big motivating factor.  What?  That should make you feel good about it.  So show us your pecs men!  I know not a lot of guys are actually doing this these days.  That's why when someone does like this... it instantly raises my opinion of him several notches.

So join us in the fight, raise awareness and maybe get a few ladies a little hot and bothered as well.  What's the downside?  None really!  I expect to see more male boobie shots going forward.  Please don't disappoint me.


Which book is most revealing about me?

I'm working on another post for the blog at the moment.  It's a fantasy scenario that involves one of my twitter followers.  But, it's turning out to be quite long so I'm not certain when I'll finish it.  Probably later today.

In the meantime, since it's been over a day since my last update, I decided to post something really quick in the interim to let you know I'm still here plugging away! ;-)


This question doesn't come up very often, but it has a couple times now and I always tend to respond in great detail.  So I thought I'd capture my latest response here since I don't always have the time necessary to answer it fully when someone asks one-on-one.

The question basically goes like this: "If you were to recommend ONE of your books that is most revealing about yourself to a new reader, which one would it be and why?"

The question is basically impossible for me to answer with a single response.  It just depends on what the reader enjoys and/or desires to know.  So I always end up having to provide an answer such as this:

"Gina's Secret: I know what I want" is most revealing about my Domme side. Submissive guys who like the idea of being "sexually used" by a woman almost always like this best. It also consists of nearly 100% true-to-life details about my own experiences.

My latest title "Vicariously" gives insight into some of the fantasies I dream up and also has some real-life elements. It includes a scene in which I relinquish my Domme role to become submissive to my boyfriend for the very first-time as a treat to him.

"Sex with Substance" I'm a coauthor on and it contains a few stories from me. One specific story in that seems to be quite popular... it describes a couple sorority hazing experiences I went through and how they affected me. The other author's work is pretty good too. Sex with Substance is actually the "best selling" of any title I have, but I'm guessing that's probably because the other author has more fans/following than me. It is a fun read though and worthwhile even though I only contributed a few parts of it.

"Free Agent" everyone seems to like if they try it, but very few have actually read it. Its 27,000 words... contains fantasy/suspense supernatural elements, symbolism, literary devices, some pretty intense sex scenes and even quite a bit of humor. I'm really proud of how it came out. It has the least amount of material directly ABOUT me in the story line, but because of it's diversity it shows a lot about my psyche and personality I think.

So choosing a title that best provides what you want really depends on what you're looking to know. They all provide different looks into my soul.

And of course there is my latest free release "Fast Fantasies." Since it's free its a no-brainer to get for someone who has truly read nothing of mine before. It provides a quick, cross-sectional look at a lot of different writing styles I employ. It also includes samples from Vicariously and Free Agent at the back.

OK, so back to more writing. I really do try to minimize the number of posts I produce that simply "pitch" the books. But if you are truly interested in one and unsure which to get, hopefully this summary might provide some help.



Monday, September 19, 2011

Men tell me about your orgasms

I had an interesting conversation this morning about the process of writing erotica.  As I've shared with you before a lot of what I write about I've experienced first-hand.  That always makes the job easier.

But of course there are things that I haven't experienced first-hand and in that case, like any other genre writer, I have to perform research.

And let me tell you being a gal with a very healthy libido -- research for erotica works is such a boring, thankless, uninspiring process... NOT!  Believe me the truth is if I didn't need to get some actual writing done, I'd be content to "research" all day long.

So in the interests of professionally bettering myself and my work I'd like to ask any willing guys to please email me with descriptions of what it "feels like" as a male to have an orgasm.  I don't need you to write up a sexy story or elaborate scenario.  Just tell me ... for you... how it feels to cum.  If you're willing to share (optionally) please tell me whether you are circumcised or not as I'd be interested in comparing to see if there are substantial differences in the experiences of "cut" versus "uncut" men.

If you decide to participate send your description to me at

I won't share or publish your email address or anything you tell me.  I'll simply use your descriptions to add to my body of knowledge so that I can continually improve my own stories and ensure they are as realistic as possible.  Thanks!


The Wave

Today I thought I'd do another "artistic nude" feature.  This image is titled "The Wave" and it's a picture of an oil painting from William-Adolphe Bouguereau from 1896.

I don't remember exactly how long ago I first saw this painting (probably about 4-5 years).  But I do recall my first impression of it.

"Amazing" summed it up for me in a word.

I didn't want the full-size image to overwhelm mobile viewers, but if you're on a PC or larger screen device be sure to click the image to get a much bigger view so that you can admire the details with me.

First off, remember again that this is an oil painting.  What a simply incredible piece of art.

Here's my own artistic interpretation of it.  Look at the background clouds, sky, waves... these if you stare at them and examine them in detail look more like a traditional painting.  They are nicely done, but it's easy to discern the fact that they are indeed "painted"

But the foreground rocks, water and the model herself... BRILLIANT.  I can look at this painting for hours (and have on occasion) and even blown up to quite a large size my mind simply cannot comprehend that the foreground work is painted.  It's simply way too photo-realistic.

And the composition is marvelous.  The shadowing... the detail of her skin.  Look at the soles of her feet for instance.  Her hair flowing in the wind.

I simply cannot verbalize accurately enough how moving this work is to me.  I consider it truly a masterpiece.

And one of the most beautiful things about it, besides it's nearly flawless technical detail, is the fact that the girl is pretty but she obviously has her "flaws" if we examine her with a very shallow mind.  Her tummy is pooched.  Her thighs and butt are fairly ample.  She has a pretty but not gorgeous face.

But still I don't see those individual flaws unless I force myself to fixate on them.  Instead, when I look at the picture as a whole I find it and her to be quite pleasing and beautiful indeed.

My most favorite part of the composition is her smile.  It combines innocence with a hint of naughtiness.  She looks like she may be enjoying the act of posing but she's probably also a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable at the same time.

Anyway, I'm not much of an art critic and even less of an actual artist myself, but that won't stop me from at least presenting this beautiful piece to you for your own enjoyment and analysis.

I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fast Fantasies Volume 1 is out and FREE

Who doesn't like FREE erotica?  Well besides me and my publisher since we don't earn anything on it.  LOL.  OK, I admit that even I like free erotica if it will get you to try my stories out!  Which is why I agreed to bundle up some of my most popular shorts along with several brand new ones into this FREE release.

Go get it now, there's no excuse since its FREE!

LOL, have I mentioned it's FREE?

It will not be available at Barnes & Noble for a few weeks but you can still download an .epub file from Smashwords that will work on the Nook.

Here's the link at Smashwords: Fast Fantasies Volume 1 <<<Psst It's FREE here!  :-)

Enjoy and let me know what you think of it.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

A truly micro wiener dangling off of @2inchKev

Today's blog post pictures are provided by twitter follower @2inchKev

I'd like to thank him for being such a good sport.  If you love ogling and making fun of small dicks like I do, give him a follow on Twitter I'm sure he'd love it.

OK, so to start, this entry gives me opportunity to re-post some of the text I had previously taken down from the blog.  So as what I wrote previously applies to Kev, I will do that right now.


So you want to know everything about Gina, huh?  Well I'm baring my soul to you.  But if you really love me, you won't judge.  After all you want me to be perfectly honest, right?  So I owe it to you to do just that....

These pics are an INCREDIBLE turn-on for me.  Why?  Honestly, I love micro-penises.  Seriously!  I like big ones too, don't get me wrong.  ;-)  But the tiny ones have a special place in my heart.

I'll explain.  If you've read much of my writing you know that in sexual situations I like to be the aggressor and take control. 

I know I can dominate this guy in bed.  Hell he may not even be able to physically penetrate me.  Or if he can, I might not let him anyway.  I'd make him stroke that micro shaft to completion (if he's able) for my visual pleasure and then I'd have him turn his complete attention to satisfying me... with fingers and tongue. Mmmm.  Of course he'd have to clean up after as well, if you catch my drift.

So, this give you a little more insight into my sick perverted mind.


I have pretty small hands, so my rule of thumb (pun intended) is if I can completely grasp and encompass all of your "manhood" (used loosely) in one hand, you qualify for this category.  I guess if I had to quantify it, I'd consider a micro-penis, by my own definition to be no longer than 1" flaccid and about 2-1/2" erect MAX.

I also have an interesting observation on this topic, and that is namely, guys with really tiny peckers seem to enjoy being ridiculed about them.  Now, my hypothesis is admittedly not very scientific and limited to a pretty tiny (again pun intended) sample size, but I've yet to encounter someone in this category that really objected to being called needle dick, puny penis, or any other such derogatory term I could think of and fling their way.  In most cases the worse I insulted them, the more excited they got.  The humiliation was a turn on.

I'd be truly interested in hearing from guys with really small members who DON'T feel that way.  In other words if you qualify for this category and you think my comments are just plain mean, uncaring, and hurtful send me a note and tell me that.

I could be offending a lot of men unknowingly and if I am, I'd like to find out.  I'm open minded, so your messages to me could in fact change that behavior... well at least publicly.

I admit I'd still do it and very much enjoy doing it... but I might constrain myself to practicing the behavior in private with partners who have acknowledged they enjoy the abuse. Because I honestly am not trying to make people have low self-esteem.  Consider this more of a role-play fetish behavior instead of any true deep-seeded cruel streak that I have.

Don't worry about your anonymity.  I won't post your name if you contact me and I won't get angry even if you call me an evil, heartless bitch.  Believe me I have been called that or worse on occasion.

So speak out and tell me what you think.


That was the "old" stuff I previously posted.  Great, so now I will focus my attention and ridicule directly onto poor, pathetic Kev.

Kev earns a special place in my heart.  His pecker is truly puny.  I love the shot on the right of him holding up his finger next to his truly tiny erection.  His finger is literally at least three times as long as his dick (and almost as thick)!

Yes Kev, you would really have to go above and beyond if you showed me that little thing in my bedroom.  If you were lucky enough for me to let you stay, I'd expect you to orally pleasure me for hours while I did mundane things like watch TV, read a book or call and talk on the phone.  And don't even think about touching that sorry little cock while you did....  

If you somehow are able to make me cum with your mouth, then I might let you jerk off for me.  Although "jerk" might be too generous a term given the very short stroke of movement it would require.  I'm guessing you probably only need to flex your fingers a little bit to complete full travel?

It would be quite a funny sight to see though.  I'm sure I'd want to take pics with my camera phone while you worked that tiny tool.  I'd send some to my girlfriends with demeaning captions so that they could sympathize with me about how unlucky I was to be fooling around with such an unmanly man.

But I wouldn't get rid of you.  No, keeping you around for the sheer entertainment value would be worth it.  However if you wanted to last long term, you'd have to adapt.  I might be satisfied letting you lick me occasionally in private.  But more often I'd probably need to bring home a more studly man with a large cock to fuck me good and hard while you watched.

You, of course, would be forced to observe how he satisfied me in so many ways you simply could not.  Then when he'd shot his sperm deep inside my pussy, I'd make you get down on knees and slurp it all out.  Swallow it all my dear little-dicked Kev.  After all you're practically a girl anyway and guys love girls that swallow, so you'd be getting the appreciation of me and my big-pricked lover.

If you really earned my admiration, eventually I'd throw a party for all my girlfriends and have you wait on us all night ... naked of course.  We'd all make fun of your inadequacy and demean you at every opportunity.  I'm sure the girls would all love to take pictures with you for remembrance sake.  

If any of them wanted to try out your tongue directly, I'd let them.  But don't be surprised if they all decide to take a miss as you probably wouldn't even be judged worthy enough to lick their hot pussies clean after they took a piss.

So sorry to have to be so cruel, but it's just honesty really.  But don't worry my Kev, I still like you... I really do.  In fact, I've bought you a nice present since you've been such a good oral slave boy.  Here it is, a pair of pink bikini briefs.  Put these on now, they're the perfect color for you, and get inside this smother box and prepared to service me while I watch tonight's episode of Survivor....


Friday, September 16, 2011

I Know What I Want

I was just discussing this title with someone and realized it's the only one I haven't specifically featured yet in the blog.  So I'll give you a little background information on it.

First off, it was officially my "third" release after "Bossing Scottie" and "Playing with Worms".  But those latter two titles have been pulled out of eBook stores (explained in previous post) because they were deemed inappropriate since the characters were "underage".

You may already know how I feel about that.  Those two works were short stories talking about my own early-years sexual experiences.  Sure I was under 18 and so was the boy I "experimented" with.  But there was no abusive underage sex or any overly-gratuitous leveraging of the fact the characters were "underage."  In fact most readers thought the story was simply more "interesting" than erotic.

I mean geez, I was just explaining the early life influences that led to me becoming who I am today.  That's the reason I wrote them to begin with... less to titillate and more to give the reader an idea of how my sexual journey began

I thought freedom of speech would apply to me telling those tales, but apparently the retailers don't want to take that chance.

Anyway, there's nothing I can really do about it... but now you know the history.  "I know what I want" is still available because it continued the story at the point that I finally DID become of age.  The very start of it makes reference to the previous titles.  So if you read this one, you'll know that the other parts are no longer available.  But that fact doesn't take away from it as a stand-alone piece.

So by now, you should have noticed by the way that I described it that yes the story is almost entirely true.  Just a few details were changed to protect privacy, but otherwise everything in "I know what I want" happened exactly as described.  Some reader's have found that detail to be extra exciting for some reason.  ;-)

It is a short work (in fact the very shortest I have available) since it was technically 1/3rd of a larger story before.  But that's why it is only priced at $0.99. It covers two main topics... my first masturbatory experience and my first serious "sexual" encounter with a guy (at age 18), who I ended up dominating.

Readers who like the idea of being submissive or dominated by a woman tend to really enjoy this title, so if I recommend it to you that's most likely the reason.

It's also had pretty good reader reviews.  Here's some snippets:
It's rated 4-1/2 stars (out of 5) overall at Barnes & Noble and reviewers there say the following:

Great story for those who like a dominating woman in control

Hot, hot, hot. I prefer stories where the woman is the dominant one, calling the shots. There aren't many out there, but this is one of them and the lead character Gina is obviously firmly the one in control. I'd give it 5 out of 5 erections for sure 

Wow, If you want a commanding woman then Gina is your gal!
Blew me away. Simple as that. I had just finished "Free Agent" by this author (my first experience with her) and liked it a lot, so I thought I'd give this a try.

Words almost cannot describe how shocked I was by the complete domination that Gina dishes out. But not in an S&M or traditional sort of way. It's her first full-blown sexual experience but she steps up and takes command nonetheless and shows the guy who is boss that's for sure.

Absolutely loved it and am marking you my new favorite erotica author. Can't wait to read another from you.

And a reviewer at Smashwords said:
Review by: Ernest Winchester on Aug. 19, 2011 : star star star star star
Gina has grown from a little girl into a badass big girl. Stay out of her way if you can't give her what she wants.


Anyway, that's the end of my plug for "I know what I want." I'm always interested in reader feedback, so if you end up getting it drop me a note and let me know what you think. Thanks!


P.S. Sorry for the somewhat screwy formatting of the review comments.  That happened during cut-n-paste.  I've corrected as many as I can, but not all.

Vicariously Now Out!

Yes!  I get so excited whenever I have a new release.  It's one of the best feelings associated with being a writer.

As you might guess from this post's subject.  Vicariously has just been released.  In honor of that, let me present to you the following sneak peak preview.

Be warned, it starts out very fast and gets right down to outright raunchy quick.  So if that sort of thing offends you, then you probably want to take a miss.  Of course then why are you even reading my blog!  LOL.  Enjoy. xx

Legal Notice: The following material is excerpted from "Vicariously" by Gina Sartucci.  All text is copyright 2011, Gina Sartucci and ADPublishing, All rights reserved.  

You may post a link to this material or repost this text elsewhere on the web but only if you include this legal notice text with the posted material.  No further use of the material is allowed without the prior written consent of the author and ADPublishing.

Hot, Nasty, Sweaty, Kinky Sex
Gina closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip hard, and used all her might to keep from screaming out, as she experienced a fucking like she’d never had before.  After all, it was nearly 4:00 a.m. and she really didn’t want to wake the neighbors in the adjacent apartment.

Actually, if she gave into her body and let out the wail that she could produce at this moment, it might very well wake the entire building and the one next door as well. 

For someone who didn’t know better, it would seem as though Gina was “getting lucky” every single night.  If you looked at it in a certain way, you could argue that was true.  But Gina felt anything but lucky.  She felt…

… a HUGE fucking dick pounding all the way up against her cervix, trying to force its way into spots that it really didn’t belong.  It had a slight bend to the left so that as it pumped in and out of her vagina it stimulated the right side of her canal.
It both hurt like hell and felt so good at the exact same time.

And then there was the penis in her ass, crawling up her rectum.  That one soon came inside her, squirt after sticky squirt oozed within her butt.  But just as promptly as it withdrew, another quickly replaced it and continued the sodomization.
Don’t forget the one, no make that two, now there are three, no back to two… OK, let’s just call it an alternating number of penises that were stuffed in her mouth.

“Eww,” Gina thought as she felt cum hit her in the side of the face and splash up into her eye.  Another dick was at the side of her head and it uncaringly shot its load right up into her ear canal.  Getting that clean would be nearly impossible.

On the other end of her body, cum shots rained down on her bare feet, in nearly a continuous stream, like a steady rain shower.  “Why,” she wondered, “were guys always so fucking obsessed with ejaculating on a woman’s feet and toes?” 

Gina could hardly take it all another minute.  But, fortunately she didn’t have to.  The clock finally stuck 4:00 am and Gina collapsed in exhaustion on top of her bed.  Sweat covered her whole body and it felt like sperm was dripping out of her pussy and her anus. 

But it wasn’t.  Her vagina was certainly wet alright from all the excitement.  But there was no cum in her hair.  No semen in her ears, nose, and eyes.  Her feet were covered only in a slight film of perspiration.  She had made it once again.

Gina sighed in relief, and grasped the towel on the side of the bed and wiped the sweat from her face and chest.  Reaching for the liter bottle of water on the nightstand, Gina placed the still cool bottle on her forehead first and then opened it and drank down its contents in one long, gurgling chug.  When she was finished, she chucked the empty bottle across the room and being completely exhausted fell back to sleep, just like she did every night.


Seventy-five minutes earlier
The alarm clock sounded at 2:45 am, waking Gina from a nice peaceful sleep.  For a brief moment, she had to remember whether this was the second time it had gone off, signaling it was time to get up and prepare for work, or the first time, meaning she still had to suffer through her nightly hell.

Squinting at the clock she came to her senses and realized that tonight would be even worse than normal.  “Oh fuck,” she muttered, “Free Agent was released today wasn’t it?”  Free Agent was a new supernatural, suspense erotic novel by young author Gina Sartucci.  It had been hyped up in the press and was expected to sell a million copies on its first day.  Several hundred thousand people had preordered it, having grown accustomed to Gina’s recent stream of blockbuster hits.

That meant that tonight would be even worse than normal.  Gina flung herself out of bed and quickly ran around her apartment making the preparations.  She grabbed a liter bottle of cold water from the kitchen and placed it on the nightstand in its usual spot.  Next it was to the linen closet to get two towels, a large “beach size” one she carefully laid on top of the bedspread.  She had learned her lesson after ruining so many linens that she should be prepared... Gina never knew exactly how much bodily fluid she would leak out during the process.

The other towel was a hand towel she placed on the edge of the bed within reach.  It needed to be accessible at any time.  She also brought an empty trash bucket in case she felt the need to vomit, although thankfully that hadn’t happened now in a long while.  Then finally there was the bedpan… better to be prepared than sorry was her motto.

Which reminded her...“I’d better go piss now… I don’t want to be caught off guard.  It was a good thing she acted then, because she had just enough time to pee, wash up and get back to her position on the bed just as the clock turned 3:00 am.  “Shit I’m going to have to start allowing an extra 5 minutes beforehand,” she spoke out loud just as the first dicks were already entering all the holes of her body….

A Gift for Writing

Six years earlier
Gina came up with what she thought would be a fun idea… to tease her boyfriend, Peter, a bit.  She decided to write a sexy story for him and leave it in his school locker.  So after her homework one night she sat down and went to work on the following short narrative.

You walk across the campus; my eyes follow your every step.  You’re not aware of my curiosity, but I can’t help but continually wonder how that sexy body of yours would look naked with only your backpack slung across your bare back.  I imagine with every step your long hanging cock swings to and fro and all the girls are mesmerized just watching it and longing for it to be inside them.

But I am lucky because without me even saying anything to you, you somehow know it is me who wrote this.  You ignore all those other dick-craved wenches and come right to me, your faithful admirer.  Right in front of everyone at school, you remove my clothes and my pussy is already wet for you.  You kiss me deeply shoving your tongue in my mouth and then shortly after shoving your hard member into my canal.

All the girls and guys watch in jealously and some even publicly masturbate, unabashedly for they realize how wonderful a couple we make and they can’t help but celebrate our glorious sex by joining in and getting off themselves.

We never speak.  The only sound is the slapping of your pelvis against mine and the squishy audible response my vagina emits as you continually enter and exit its tunnel with your lengthy manhood.

When you’re ready, I allow your seed willingly into me.  Although I don’t really want to get pregnant, I would accept that fate gratefully for the mere chance to enjoy your sexual pleasure even one time. 

You somehow know this and it makes your orgasm all the more powerful and sustained than it usually is.  You fill up my whole insides with your milky, thick liquid.  There’s so much of it that it just can’t help but run out of my hole.

But that elixir is so precious to me, I reach down with my hands and catch all I can, not wanting to waste it.  If there’s too much to retain in my hot pretty pussy, I’ll collect the rest and then consume it with my mouth for you.

Your smile tells me you enjoy watching me eat the excess cum and my eyes lock with yours as I do… showing you just how deeply committed I am to pleasing you in every way.

Peter, I was a little hesitant to write this… to tell you how I really feel about you.  But, I finally got the courage to do so and I hope you won’t think any less of me as a result.

Love and kisses… you know who.

Once finished with the composition, Gina was so wet and horny, that before even sealing the letter in an envelope, she read it back over and over while manipulating her own tiny clit.  It only took a few readings before she was getting off with the most powerful self-given orgasm she’d ever felt before.  Her vagina poured wave after wave of lubricating secretions through its spongy walls.

Finally she could take it no more and had to stop touching herself for all of the intense sensitivity.  But she couldn’t help but dip one finger inside her cunt, extracting some of her own thick fluids.  Placing the sample into her young mouth tentatively, Gina tasted her own sex for the first time ever and was not at all displeased by its flavor.  She proceeded to lick and suck the remainder from her finger and even went back to her pleased pussy for a second helping….

A smile crept across her face and she basked in her own glory.  Finally she said out loud to herself, “Mmmm, I really have a talent for sexy writing, don’t I?  That was some good stuff.  I only wish that I could somehow know what Peter was thinking when he gets and reads this letter.”

The small imperceptible fog of words emanated from her mouth and collected in a group, hanging midair for a few seconds before finally becoming organized and proceeding towards their destination with purpose.


Vicariously is Gina Sartucci's 4th release.  It is a novella weighing in at ~16,000 words.  It has been priced at only $0.99 to entice/allow new readers to experience Gina's work.

If you enjoyed this preview of Vicariously, why not download the full eBook right now?  You can get it through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Smashwords through the following links.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Embrace by the Sea

I'm busy finishing up the last bits of Vicariously editing for a weekend release.  But to keep you entertained in the meantime here is a piece I wrote a couple weeks ago that will be included in an upcoming release.  Enjoy!



Embrace by the Sea
He took her into his arms, the warmth of their bodies burning hot, and the sun set over the sea as the two of them watched it peacefully.
They stood in the romantic glow of the sunset as it dipped below the horizon. And just as day turns to night, it was time for romance to turn to passion.

He boldly raised his hands to her top and unbuttoned it to her belly. She didn't resist.  With that implicit signal he proceeded to undo her bra and then stood admiring her aesthetically pleasing breasts as they were revealed.

With the sun now gone, the full moon above cast a glow down upon them, silhouetting the scene of his palm placed on top of her naked torso.

Her breath coming now in frequent short bursts told him that she was nervous, but her pointing nipple pressed into his palm told him it was an exciting, fun nervousness.

Tentatively he removed his palm and drew his face a bit closer to her heaving bosom. She was unmistakable in her signal as she cradled his head and guided it to suckle her sensitive aroused tit.  

At the same time she now reached below and found a hardening, growing lump forming in his trousers. As he gently licked and caressed her chest, he felt her first slowly unzip his pants, then release his achingly stiff member from its fabric confines, now free to enjoy the brisk night air unencumbered.

The cool air felt good rushing past his overheated manhood. But the air was no match for the pleasant feelings her hand imparted with its soft, velvety touch running the length of him to and fro in playful exploratory touching that simply excited every sensitive nerve ending in his blood-gorged shaft.

His soft purrs let her know she was doing it right and the slippery wet lubrication that started leaking out told her the dam was about to break.

Now moving from soft touch to firm tugs, his body shook with unbelievable pleasure as she forcefully coaxed his seed into firing position and then with an explosion that caused him to involuntarily grunt and yell, he shot volley after volley of his salty solution into her other hand, it's palm waiting extended to collect the precious gift.

Finally he could take no more and begged her to stop, but not before she raised her milky-white covered palm to her mouth in front of him and accepted his generous nourishment onto her tongue and into her mouth.

Licking every last drop from her five digits, she wasn't yet satisfied, so she then knelt in front of her hero and cleaned up the remainder from the outside of his mighty spent cannon.

The bliss was heavenly and finally the pleasure so much that his legs grew weak and he tumbled to the ground.

They both laughed and now it was her turn. With seductive pomp and circumstance, she removed her panties from underneath her skirt and then even without asking if it was OK, she placed her hips and thighs so that they straddled his face. He willingly accepted her burning hot womanhood onto his waiting mouth and her already dripping sex told him how much she had enjoyed pleasing him.

Grinding her moist womanhood directly over his nose wetting ever part of his face, it doesn’t take long before she is climaxing and convulsing in rhythm with the sound of the nearby crashing waves breaking onto the shoreline.

Panting and out of breath she enjoys him returning the favor as his tongue savors the sweetness of her pleasure as it cleans up her insides with diligence until she is simply so sensitive, it is impossible to bear it anymore.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Heavenly Bodies

This story premise was inspired by a reader and fan.  I hope you enjoy it.


Heavenly Bodies

His telescope, called "the stargazer 3000" is top-notch.  It should be really, having spent a significant portion of his gross monthly salary to obtain it.  But it is worth it.  It provides the clearest, magnified, non-distorted views of any model available to the amateur astronomer.  It evens connects to his computer allowing him to record the images captured through its peering lens.

Who would have thought a simple guy living in a downtown apartment would ever develop such an affinity for astronomy?  With the City lights and pollution and living in the urban jungle, glimpsing the heavens is not exactly easy nor ideal.

But there is only one celestial body this man is interested in and every time he sees it, he's indeed transported to heaven.  It's remarkable and breathtaking.  He can only imagine what it would be like to view it from up close.

She lives in the building across the street.  His obsession with her began nearly two years ago.  It was quite an accident the first time really.  Just admiring the skyline view, his eyes drawn to a window because of movement... and even with the naked eye; he could see HER naked shape framed in that 32nd floor window.

Not clearly... not clear enough at all, which is why he now owns equipment that could further the cause of SETI if he were to donate it to science.  He didn't immediate purchase this optical monster.  He started out slowly.  First he retrieved an old pair of field binoculars he'd had since his childhood.  Scratched lenses and all they provided a much improved view.

But like an addict who thinks they can quit anytime, the man soon found dissatisfaction with the binoculars.  He bought a newer, more powerful pair.  What an improvement they were!  His only complaint then was how they shook... even when he just held them to his eyes.  But they especially shook when he tried to hold them with one hand and massage his lower body with the other.

So then a tripod was necessary.  Again an improvement.  But on and on it went.  Every few months a new upgrade or a new device.  All to catch a slightly better look at "Venus" as he came to refer to her.  And she truly was.  He couldn't imagine how a girl this beautiful continued to remain unattached.  He figured she should have multiple boyfriends circling around her like lunar satellites.

Anyway, that was unimportant.  His new uber-scope ready to go, pointed at its target he waits in the darkness of his apartment like a hunter stalking prey.

Finally he is rewarded with his prize.  She comes home to her apartment after a late night out.  Unceremoniously stripping her clothes off he is treated to his first view ever of her naked flesh through this magnificent mechanical masterpiece.  It is his best view yet, only hampered by the motion sickness he feels trying to adjust it's target to track her as she walks through the apartment.  But that's a small price to pay.

She seems to be doing something on her own computer at the moment.  Maybe checking email from online lovers or something like that.  But she doesn't dawdle for long at it.

After awhile she washes and settles into bed.  He's given the greatest gift of all as she sleeps naked and for some time remains clearly in view, nightstand lamp on watching television.  Since she's no longer moving about, he can take his time and zoom in to maximum magnification on her beautiful figure.

His first exploration is of her mountain range.  He's able to zoom in so close one nipple and areola completely fill his viewfinder image!  He's ecstatic and begins to pleasure himself in earnest.

But then she stirs and he fears his show will end quickly tonight.  Instead though, it looks like our Venus is about to pleasure herself!  What an amazing stroke of luck!  And out in the open too!  Well of course, why should she worry?  She feels absolutely safe and secure in her high-rise apartment.  That allows her to manipulate her own pleasure center without concern or embarrassment.

He's able to focus in closely on her womanhood and can nearly see inside her black hole with the angle she's situated at.  Now it shouldn't take long at all... and it doesn't

For fear of losing this opportunity he doesn't even try to retrieve his normal cum rag but instead shoots his hot plasma stream directly onto the pane of the glass window of his own apartment.  Each burst smacks the surface and splatters into a circular blast pattern before slowing dripping down.

He'll worry about cleaning it up later. For now he simply keeps watching her and enjoying the afterglow of his own supernova explosion.


In the meantime, a young woman masturbates in her apartment.  She's watching a video on her TV screen that has her very horny.  The video is of a man, standing in his apartment, near the window.  His manhood out he rubs it furiously and after some time he shoots powerful globules of semen straight out towards the window pane.  They strike it with such force as to cause a momentary vibration.

It's such a pleasing sight, seeing this man pleasure himself in what he thinks is a safe, private setting in his darkened high-rise apartment.  His unguarded ecstasy is so enticing to her.

She's just so lucky to have her TV connected to the video feed of her "Stargazer 3001".  Yes that beauty of an instrument cost her dearly.  But it was worth it.  After all when she upgraded from the 3000 to the 3001 she added night-vision functionality to her previous model....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vicariously First Draft Complete -- Look for official release soon

OK, I'm not going to cry or moan or get dramatic about this.  But I will mention it.

Some of you already know from personal conversations with me that last week's paid sales numbered seven in total.

Yes, exactly 1 per day on average -- for about $1.80/day royalty to me.  The breakdown of sales was 1 copy of Free Agent, 6 copies of Sex with Substance and 0 copies of Gina's Secret.

I've joked since I received the report that I probably would have had better success printing my stories out on paper and standing outside my apartment building selling them to the homeless guys that occasionally walk by.  Even they seem to be able to collect more money in tin cans daily....

This was after I had been so excited by sales "doubling" the previous week to 16 from 8.  I wrongly assumed that was a sign of increasing momentum.  It appears it was just an anomaly instead.  I really feel sort of foolish now.  I guess it just illustrates again how little I know about this "business" of selling books.

I hate to even talk about the commercial side of things.  I really do.  I'd much rather just write, since it's what I enjoy, and not worry about the rest.  I HATE having to try to "sell" myself and my writing.  It just sort of makes me feel cheapened or something.

However, the simple fact of the matter is, without sales I can't afford to just write.  I'll have to go get a "real job."  I know from talking about it with some of you that you think that's a "good thing"... and it may very well be.  I'm not entirely opposed to the idea.  For one, my family would probably be thankful to hear the news.  They think I'm simply being a slacker right now.  So having a "real job" would take some pressure off me on that front.

The only thing that gives me pause about that idea is I know it would greatly reduce my writing time from 50-60 hours per week probably down to 8 hours or less.  It's really hard to write books... at least ones that are good with decent continuity, when you start and stop working on them so frequently and for such short periods.  I'm afraid I might also lose interest/motivation to write.  It's hard getting excited to do it when you're worn out and tired.

Anyway, I'm not going to bitch about it.  I'll accept whatever fate has in store for me.  But I did adjust my plans for Vicariously as a result.

I went back and edited what I had generated already to create a complete "first draft" that now weighs in at just over 15,000 words.  My original story line would have required about 35,000-40,000 words to tell.  But my experience with Free Agent (which is ~ 27,000 words) makes me think that maybe people just don't want to devote the 2-3 hours necessary to read that size title.

So rather than "finish" Vicariously in the manner I first intended, I've cut it short.  It's still a very good story I think and I rewrote it to wrap up most loose ends so that the piece stands as a very respectable stand-alone effort.  Because it is shorter, that will mean the price can be set at $0.99 instead of $2.99.

I'll see if there is enough interest in it at that bargain basement price.  If there is and if people report to me that they enjoy the story, I can write the second part of what I'd intended into a volume two and release it for $0.99 as well.  But if it bombs like Free Agent did with no one even bothering to try it (it has sold 5 copies in 4 weeks), then I'll have at least saved my time upfront and I'll come to the conclusion that I need to start job hunting before the remainder of my savings run out.

I'll let you know once the story is available for sale.  Please consider giving it a try (or any of the other 3 titles I have out now).  Because I really do want to continue writing full-time if I can manage it.

Thanks for listening.