Friday, September 16, 2011

Vicariously Now Out!

Yes!  I get so excited whenever I have a new release.  It's one of the best feelings associated with being a writer.

As you might guess from this post's subject.  Vicariously has just been released.  In honor of that, let me present to you the following sneak peak preview.

Be warned, it starts out very fast and gets right down to outright raunchy quick.  So if that sort of thing offends you, then you probably want to take a miss.  Of course then why are you even reading my blog!  LOL.  Enjoy. xx

Legal Notice: The following material is excerpted from "Vicariously" by Gina Sartucci.  All text is copyright 2011, Gina Sartucci and ADPublishing, All rights reserved.  

You may post a link to this material or repost this text elsewhere on the web but only if you include this legal notice text with the posted material.  No further use of the material is allowed without the prior written consent of the author and ADPublishing.

Hot, Nasty, Sweaty, Kinky Sex
Gina closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip hard, and used all her might to keep from screaming out, as she experienced a fucking like she’d never had before.  After all, it was nearly 4:00 a.m. and she really didn’t want to wake the neighbors in the adjacent apartment.

Actually, if she gave into her body and let out the wail that she could produce at this moment, it might very well wake the entire building and the one next door as well. 

For someone who didn’t know better, it would seem as though Gina was “getting lucky” every single night.  If you looked at it in a certain way, you could argue that was true.  But Gina felt anything but lucky.  She felt…

… a HUGE fucking dick pounding all the way up against her cervix, trying to force its way into spots that it really didn’t belong.  It had a slight bend to the left so that as it pumped in and out of her vagina it stimulated the right side of her canal.
It both hurt like hell and felt so good at the exact same time.

And then there was the penis in her ass, crawling up her rectum.  That one soon came inside her, squirt after sticky squirt oozed within her butt.  But just as promptly as it withdrew, another quickly replaced it and continued the sodomization.
Don’t forget the one, no make that two, now there are three, no back to two… OK, let’s just call it an alternating number of penises that were stuffed in her mouth.

“Eww,” Gina thought as she felt cum hit her in the side of the face and splash up into her eye.  Another dick was at the side of her head and it uncaringly shot its load right up into her ear canal.  Getting that clean would be nearly impossible.

On the other end of her body, cum shots rained down on her bare feet, in nearly a continuous stream, like a steady rain shower.  “Why,” she wondered, “were guys always so fucking obsessed with ejaculating on a woman’s feet and toes?” 

Gina could hardly take it all another minute.  But, fortunately she didn’t have to.  The clock finally stuck 4:00 am and Gina collapsed in exhaustion on top of her bed.  Sweat covered her whole body and it felt like sperm was dripping out of her pussy and her anus. 

But it wasn’t.  Her vagina was certainly wet alright from all the excitement.  But there was no cum in her hair.  No semen in her ears, nose, and eyes.  Her feet were covered only in a slight film of perspiration.  She had made it once again.

Gina sighed in relief, and grasped the towel on the side of the bed and wiped the sweat from her face and chest.  Reaching for the liter bottle of water on the nightstand, Gina placed the still cool bottle on her forehead first and then opened it and drank down its contents in one long, gurgling chug.  When she was finished, she chucked the empty bottle across the room and being completely exhausted fell back to sleep, just like she did every night.


Seventy-five minutes earlier
The alarm clock sounded at 2:45 am, waking Gina from a nice peaceful sleep.  For a brief moment, she had to remember whether this was the second time it had gone off, signaling it was time to get up and prepare for work, or the first time, meaning she still had to suffer through her nightly hell.

Squinting at the clock she came to her senses and realized that tonight would be even worse than normal.  “Oh fuck,” she muttered, “Free Agent was released today wasn’t it?”  Free Agent was a new supernatural, suspense erotic novel by young author Gina Sartucci.  It had been hyped up in the press and was expected to sell a million copies on its first day.  Several hundred thousand people had preordered it, having grown accustomed to Gina’s recent stream of blockbuster hits.

That meant that tonight would be even worse than normal.  Gina flung herself out of bed and quickly ran around her apartment making the preparations.  She grabbed a liter bottle of cold water from the kitchen and placed it on the nightstand in its usual spot.  Next it was to the linen closet to get two towels, a large “beach size” one she carefully laid on top of the bedspread.  She had learned her lesson after ruining so many linens that she should be prepared... Gina never knew exactly how much bodily fluid she would leak out during the process.

The other towel was a hand towel she placed on the edge of the bed within reach.  It needed to be accessible at any time.  She also brought an empty trash bucket in case she felt the need to vomit, although thankfully that hadn’t happened now in a long while.  Then finally there was the bedpan… better to be prepared than sorry was her motto.

Which reminded her...“I’d better go piss now… I don’t want to be caught off guard.  It was a good thing she acted then, because she had just enough time to pee, wash up and get back to her position on the bed just as the clock turned 3:00 am.  “Shit I’m going to have to start allowing an extra 5 minutes beforehand,” she spoke out loud just as the first dicks were already entering all the holes of her body….

A Gift for Writing

Six years earlier
Gina came up with what she thought would be a fun idea… to tease her boyfriend, Peter, a bit.  She decided to write a sexy story for him and leave it in his school locker.  So after her homework one night she sat down and went to work on the following short narrative.

You walk across the campus; my eyes follow your every step.  You’re not aware of my curiosity, but I can’t help but continually wonder how that sexy body of yours would look naked with only your backpack slung across your bare back.  I imagine with every step your long hanging cock swings to and fro and all the girls are mesmerized just watching it and longing for it to be inside them.

But I am lucky because without me even saying anything to you, you somehow know it is me who wrote this.  You ignore all those other dick-craved wenches and come right to me, your faithful admirer.  Right in front of everyone at school, you remove my clothes and my pussy is already wet for you.  You kiss me deeply shoving your tongue in my mouth and then shortly after shoving your hard member into my canal.

All the girls and guys watch in jealously and some even publicly masturbate, unabashedly for they realize how wonderful a couple we make and they can’t help but celebrate our glorious sex by joining in and getting off themselves.

We never speak.  The only sound is the slapping of your pelvis against mine and the squishy audible response my vagina emits as you continually enter and exit its tunnel with your lengthy manhood.

When you’re ready, I allow your seed willingly into me.  Although I don’t really want to get pregnant, I would accept that fate gratefully for the mere chance to enjoy your sexual pleasure even one time. 

You somehow know this and it makes your orgasm all the more powerful and sustained than it usually is.  You fill up my whole insides with your milky, thick liquid.  There’s so much of it that it just can’t help but run out of my hole.

But that elixir is so precious to me, I reach down with my hands and catch all I can, not wanting to waste it.  If there’s too much to retain in my hot pretty pussy, I’ll collect the rest and then consume it with my mouth for you.

Your smile tells me you enjoy watching me eat the excess cum and my eyes lock with yours as I do… showing you just how deeply committed I am to pleasing you in every way.

Peter, I was a little hesitant to write this… to tell you how I really feel about you.  But, I finally got the courage to do so and I hope you won’t think any less of me as a result.

Love and kisses… you know who.

Once finished with the composition, Gina was so wet and horny, that before even sealing the letter in an envelope, she read it back over and over while manipulating her own tiny clit.  It only took a few readings before she was getting off with the most powerful self-given orgasm she’d ever felt before.  Her vagina poured wave after wave of lubricating secretions through its spongy walls.

Finally she could take it no more and had to stop touching herself for all of the intense sensitivity.  But she couldn’t help but dip one finger inside her cunt, extracting some of her own thick fluids.  Placing the sample into her young mouth tentatively, Gina tasted her own sex for the first time ever and was not at all displeased by its flavor.  She proceeded to lick and suck the remainder from her finger and even went back to her pleased pussy for a second helping….

A smile crept across her face and she basked in her own glory.  Finally she said out loud to herself, “Mmmm, I really have a talent for sexy writing, don’t I?  That was some good stuff.  I only wish that I could somehow know what Peter was thinking when he gets and reads this letter.”

The small imperceptible fog of words emanated from her mouth and collected in a group, hanging midair for a few seconds before finally becoming organized and proceeding towards their destination with purpose.


Vicariously is Gina Sartucci's 4th release.  It is a novella weighing in at ~16,000 words.  It has been priced at only $0.99 to entice/allow new readers to experience Gina's work.

If you enjoyed this preview of Vicariously, why not download the full eBook right now?  You can get it through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Smashwords through the following links.

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