Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wow Micro Penises are Popular! Send me your own pics!

StatCounter metrics tell me that the #1 search-engine query referring viewers to the blog over the past two weeks was "micro penis."  That was quite an eye opener for me!  I thought I was quite unique in this fetish, but maybe not.

It's a pity I had to take down the two articles I'd posted (see previous blog post) due to being unsure of the copyright holder(s) for the images I used....

But to see now that so many other people are so interested in the same topic, makes me want to restore those posts with new accompanying pix!  I still have the text from the posts saved in a word processor file so I could easily recover that part.  But I need some new images.

So please, if you are a man with a small willy and you don't mind me using a pic of your little guy for a little humiliation and witty commentary, email me using the link on the right-hand column.  I can either preserve your anonymity or give you a shout-out, whichever you prefer.  All I need is for you to grant me the right to publish the pic in this blog (assuming you are the copyright holder).

Thanks for your help (hopefully) in keeping this topic going on a regular basis!


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