Thursday, September 29, 2011

Symbiotic Perversions (part 1)

They were an absolutely perfect couple. 

She loved to be seen and touched by strangers but was far too shy to initiate the experience. He loved to show her off and was excited to see other men (and women) pleasure her.

Tonight it would be a bit of the usual. They would go out for a few drinks at a random bar and see what sort of attention they could draw.

They liked to pretend they were strangers. Dressed casually in torn, well-worn jeans and unimpressive flannel shirt, he'd enter the bar first, ordering a drink and striking up conversation with some of the other patrons.  He was boisterous anyway, but he'd be sure to really stand out now to gather some initial attention.

After about 10 minutes or so, she'd arrive, decked out in a much too short skirt, lace panties underneath and a silk blouse, no bra. She'd sit a few spots away from him ordering her own drink to enforce the idea that she was there alone.

They always liked to sit on raised stools at the bar to draw the most attention.  That and it afforded the best view to as many of the onlookers as possible.

They'd start their performance slowly, just having a couple drinks each and casually conversing at a distance. She'd feign disinterest in him... short, terse responses when he spoke; patronizing smiles that were meant to look dismissive. But over the course of 30 minutes or so, she'd start to "warm up" to his attention. Eventually she'd laugh at a joke or smile warmly his way as the conversation loosened up.

At that point he'd "make a move" to join her by "buying her a drink" and relocating to the stool next to her. Of course all the guys at the bar would be keenly interested to see how things progressed for him. Some would talk in whispers and make little wagers about whether he'd "strike out" with this foxy lady that was so obviously out of his league.

They'd sit and talk for awhile enjoying another drink each. Then he'd casually move his hand to her leg, right below the bottom edge of her skirt. She'd respond by spreading her legs apart ever so slightly. By then the interest level of the bar patrons would be soaring. Most of them would be obsessed with what was going on... even as they tried to act as though they hadn’t noticed.

They could both sense the eyes upon them and it made entire experience so exciting. But they acted cool and unaware... carrying on their conversation as if in their own little world.

Over a short period of time, he'd gradually move his hand further up her leg and she'd respond by scooting a little closer to him and parting her thighs a bit more.  Eventually his entire hand would completely disappear under her skirt. In the meantime they both carried on talking, eyes locked as though nothing unusual was going on.

At that point the atmosphere in the bar would be electric. Anyone that hadn’t already been watching would be made aware in hushed whispers from the others. Some of the more brazen patrons might start to reposition themselves in an attempt to get a look up the sexy, and apparently slutty, woman's skirt to see exactly what might be going on.

The final set piece of the performance would consist of him slowly withdrawing his hand and with it her panties... and in a faux act of discreetness crumpling them and placing them into his pants pocket.

To Be Continued...

Hope you guys enjoyed the start.... I'll continue the story in a couple days.  ;-)

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