Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Which book is most revealing about me?

I'm working on another post for the blog at the moment.  It's a fantasy scenario that involves one of my twitter followers.  But, it's turning out to be quite long so I'm not certain when I'll finish it.  Probably later today.

In the meantime, since it's been over a day since my last update, I decided to post something really quick in the interim to let you know I'm still here plugging away! ;-)


This question doesn't come up very often, but it has a couple times now and I always tend to respond in great detail.  So I thought I'd capture my latest response here since I don't always have the time necessary to answer it fully when someone asks one-on-one.

The question basically goes like this: "If you were to recommend ONE of your books that is most revealing about yourself to a new reader, which one would it be and why?"

The question is basically impossible for me to answer with a single response.  It just depends on what the reader enjoys and/or desires to know.  So I always end up having to provide an answer such as this:

"Gina's Secret: I know what I want" is most revealing about my Domme side. Submissive guys who like the idea of being "sexually used" by a woman almost always like this best. It also consists of nearly 100% true-to-life details about my own experiences.

My latest title "Vicariously" gives insight into some of the fantasies I dream up and also has some real-life elements. It includes a scene in which I relinquish my Domme role to become submissive to my boyfriend for the very first-time as a treat to him.

"Sex with Substance" I'm a coauthor on and it contains a few stories from me. One specific story in that seems to be quite popular... it describes a couple sorority hazing experiences I went through and how they affected me. The other author's work is pretty good too. Sex with Substance is actually the "best selling" of any title I have, but I'm guessing that's probably because the other author has more fans/following than me. It is a fun read though and worthwhile even though I only contributed a few parts of it.

"Free Agent" everyone seems to like if they try it, but very few have actually read it. Its 27,000 words... contains fantasy/suspense supernatural elements, symbolism, literary devices, some pretty intense sex scenes and even quite a bit of humor. I'm really proud of how it came out. It has the least amount of material directly ABOUT me in the story line, but because of it's diversity it shows a lot about my psyche and personality I think.

So choosing a title that best provides what you want really depends on what you're looking to know. They all provide different looks into my soul.

And of course there is my latest free release "Fast Fantasies." Since it's free its a no-brainer to get for someone who has truly read nothing of mine before. It provides a quick, cross-sectional look at a lot of different writing styles I employ. It also includes samples from Vicariously and Free Agent at the back.

OK, so back to more writing. I really do try to minimize the number of posts I produce that simply "pitch" the books. But if you are truly interested in one and unsure which to get, hopefully this summary might provide some help.



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