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Photo Shoot with Penny

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Thanks so much to twitter follower @PennyWills85 for allowing me to use her pic for this post and also agreeing to costar in the accompanying erotic fantasy.  This is a longer one than usual, but hopefully you will agree that in this case size matters and enhances the pleasure!  ;-) xxx

Without further delay, I present to you:


Photo Shoot with Penny

I never imagined it would come to something like this. I have a college degree after all. That was supposed to be my “ticket” out of poverty. My poor dad, just a blue collar worker, struggled to send all us kids to college so that we could have a “better life” than he’d had. He was the consummate family man sacrificing everything, including his own day-to-day existence, to make things better for us.

Mom didn’t work. He wouldn’t let her. He insisted that her full-time job was in the home being a mother to us all. And though we struggled even more financially as a result of that edict, I can’t help but look back and agree he was right. Having the constant nurturing, care, and guidance from our mother made all six of us kids grow up feeling loved.

What would Daddy think of this choice? He certainly wouldn’t approve. But, would he disown me? Would it be an insult to all of his hard work to keep me fed, clothed and educated? Or, would he understand… that I was just doing whatever it took to get by… very much as he had done his entire life to support all of us?

I didn’t know for sure, but I certainly also wasn’t keen to find out. That’s one reason why I had downplayed my own financial problems at the same time that I’d been secretly considering something like this all along.

The “job opportunities” ad in the newspaper simply read, “$300, 4 hours nude modeling, 30yo or younger, reasonably fit” with a phone number to call. I was making just over $300 a week and that just wasn’t cutting it to get by. Each month my meager savings were dwindling to supplement that income to make ends meet. There weren’t many months-worth left. So the idea of effectively doubling this week’s income for an afternoon’s time was VERY appealing indeed.

I dialed the number and my heart stuck in my throat. The voice on the other end, a woman, simply answered “hello?” That was a bit confusing for a place of business I thought and I almost hung up.

But then somehow I forced out, “I’m calling about the ad…?”

The morning of the shoot I was so nervous I had to pee about every 10 minutes. I just knew that was going to go over really well if it continued. The studio was only a half-mile from my downtown apartment, very convenient and lucky since I don’t own a car. I’d be able to walk there and back thus avoiding exorbitant taxi cab fares.

I must admit I almost chickened out at the last moment… I really did. But the stack of unpaid bills on the coffee table gave me the strength and motivation I needed to walk those 4 blocks. Along the way I imagined that everyone I passed was able to look at me and just intrinsically knew what I was about to do. How dirty and slutty I was. I couldn’t bring myself to make eye contact with anyone as a result.

When I got to the building the studio was in, an old converted apartment building, my heart was racing and my hand was shaking as I pushed the doorbell for suite 303 in the entryway. It simply had a sticker above it with the beautifully handwritten “Photography by Penelope” scrawled in purple ink.

A female voice came from the simple wall-mounted speaker “Yes?”

“I have an appointment” I answered. I couldn’t even bring myself to utter my own name, I was so ashamed and embarrassed.

No response other than the buzzer being pressed releasing the lock of the entryway door.


I climbed the stairs to the third floor and was greeted at the top by a simply stunning raven-haired beauty. She extended her hand and I immediately noticed the beautiful gold bracelet she wore and the enormous diamond ring as I gently accepted her handshake. “Hi, I’m Penny sweetheart. Come in. Can I get you some tea or coffee?”

That would be the last thing I wanted both because of my anxiety and because even though I had just peed before I left my apartment I needed to yet again.

“No thanks, but could I just use your bathroom?”

“Sure honey. It’s over there, second door on the right” Penny said as she smiled at me warmly and pointed down the hall.

As I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet I looked down upon my own crotch and thought “Wow, I am about to show this woman this view and more… for money. And she is going to subsequently show it to untold numbers of people. All for $300. Is it worth is really? Maybe I should leave.”

But as I reemerged from the bathroom, before I could say anything, Penny instructed me “Anytime you need a break for a drink or the bathroom or whatever, just let me know. I’m not the clock-watching type. We’ll have plenty of time to get the shots I’d like.”

Not sure of what to say I simply muttered “OK.” And with that I supposed I had sealed my fate to go forward with it. Kind of as a last desperate attempt, I added “but I’ve never done anything like this before….” I guess I was maybe hoping she might decide to call the whole thing off when she found out I was inexperienced.

“Nude modeling? It’s OK honey, it’s really just like normal modeling. I’ll tell you when to remove your garments. I’ve got several outfits and costumes for you to wear anyway. After a couple outfits it will feel just like normal to you.”

Obviously we had a bit of a communication gap, “No. I mean I’ve never done this… modeling at all, nude or otherwise.”

She looked at me shocked and I was sure that meant the end of our session. But instead she said, “You’re kidding me. Sweetheart you are gorgeous. You look like a natural model.”

I blushed from the unexpected compliment.

She continued on, “Well I feel all the more special then being your first. I’m very lucky being able to discover a gem like you.”

I wasn’t sure all that gushing was appropriate but at least I was starting to feel a little less uncomfortable as a result. “OK, well just tell me what to do then, I guess.”

She looked me up and down, I was wearing blue jeans and a maroon button-down ruffle shirt… not exactly the outfit of a fashion plate.

“Well these clothes simply will not do, so let’s get you changed into your first outfit.” She pointed to a rack with hanging clothes. On it were a fancy black evening dress, sexy hosiery, garters and crotch-less panties! I looked at the tag on the dress.

“I’ve already preselected all the clothes to fit based on the size you said you were on the phone. But if something is a little too snug or loose I have others available we can try.”

I tried to gather the things up in my arms to head back towards the bathroom but as I did the frown on Penny’s face told me that wasn’t going to work.

“Listen baby. I realize you might be a little shy since this is your first time. But I’m going to see you naked anyway… that and I really like to take photos of you dressing and undressing as well, so I’m sorry, but you’re going to need to change right here.”

As if the issue were totally decided, her statement was punctuated by her turning on a switch that suddenly illuminated the entire area in bright photographic lights. Not only would I need to strip naked right there in front of Penny, but she was going to capture it all under the harshest lighting conditions that would allow me to keep no secrets whatsoever.

A small tear formed in the corner of my eye and started to trickle down my cheek even as I began unbuttoning my top.


To get through the trauma of it all, I had to simply let my mind go blank. But the sound of the camera shutter clicking wasn’t loud enough to drown out my suppressed sobs. After awhile Penny stopped and approached me.

“What’s wrong baby? Why are you crying?”

“I don’t really know I told her.” It was a lie, one of convenience. There was no way I could explain it to her.

She reached up and wiped a tear from my cheek. “It’s OK sugar, it’s alright. No more pictures honey if they upset you so much.”

“But I really need the money. I have to do this.” My lips formed into an involuntary pout and penny just looked at them transfixed … and then kissed me.

I was in shock. I couldn’t move or speak. I just stood there looking at her. So she kissed me again. Her lips were soft and velvety and I felt a tingle of excitement when she did.

Although I’d had a few experiences with women before, none had been while I was sober. It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling for me. But Penny was in fact very beautiful and I was attracted to her. Because of that fact and because it alleviated the fear and pain of posing nude, I let her seduce me right there in the studio in front of those bright lights.

I’d only gotten partially undressed before suffering my complete breakdown so now she helped me complete the job or at least down to my bra and panties. At that point I went ahead and took the initiative to start on her own clothes. As soon as I made that move, she quickly followed and helped me strip her to undergarments as well.

Penny’s body was magnificent. She was wearing very sultry black and red bra and panties under her professional skirt and silk blouse. She also had on black fishnet stockings with a floral pattern embellishment.

Suddenly the situation went from one in which I was scared and uncomfortable into one in which I was excited and extremely horny. We kissed again, now very passionately. The soft subtle lip-to-lip “excuse me” kisses replaced by hungry, tongue-probing, passionate ones.

Penny was the first to start exploring, leaving my face and heading southwardly down my body, kissing and licking and groping my flesh in a thrilling exhibition of expert carnal pleasure-giving. First focusing on my chest with bra on, she teased and pleased for quite some time. My nipples, rock hard now, were poking insistently and clamoring to be freed from their fabric bindings.

Penny continued to tease and I’d had all of that I could take so I reached up and gently guided her head to my right tit in unison with my left hand unclasping my bra. She smiled at me with a wicked grin and went right to work on licking and suckling my sensitive nipple and areola. Her tongue not only excited the nerve endings in my breast but seemingly brought to life my entire nervous system as I felt waves of pleasure coursing through my entire body all the way to my toes.

After a few minutes she switched sides and gave similar attention to my left breast. By now I was literally aching for her touch down below. But I wouldn’t put my selfish needs above hers. There was time for that later. Instead I took the lead and drew back from her mouth and now lowered my head to return the favor.

Even before I could reach her soft, beautiful, blemish- free skin Penny had already removed her brassiere. Apparently she wouldn’t let me put her through the same slow, drawn out torture she’d done to me.

As I flicked my tongue in concentric circles around her nipples, Penny reached her hand down into my panties and found I’d already made a wet mess in their crotch. She proceeded to manipulate my soft folds in such a probing fashion, ensuring the mess would get even worse.

Things were quickly escalating… so it was a damn good thing there was a bed right there in the studio. We both headed towards it without a word. Fuck the frilly undergarments, it was time to strip completely naked. With urgency we nearly tore each other’s panties off and seamlessly slipped into a sixty-nine position.

Penny, a stranger to me less than 30 minutes ago, buried her face into my most sacred, guarded place and I did the same to her.  The combination of her skillful soft tongue on one end and her sweet flowery scent and decadently wonderful taste on the other was driving me wild and pushed me to the brink of orgasm within a few minutes. Her own ample and increasing wetness told me without words that Penny was loving this as much as I. 

Whether through sheer coincidence or some freaky kismet connection we both ended up climaxing at nearly the exact same moment and it was a fantastic union of dual pleasure consisting of synchronized moaning, shuddering, and exchange of hot bodily fluids. My own orgasm seemed to last for at least 10 seconds of continuous “almost too much to take” electrifying pleasure. I couldn't be certain about Penny, but she seemed to enjoy hers nearly as much.

The most unique thing… was that afterwards... as we now both lay exhausted on the studio bed “prop” there was no awkward moment that almost always accompanies a spontaneous hookup with a stranger. No instead we cuddled in each other’s arms. I now felt completely at ease. After a short while of recovery, we commenced to administering a second orgasm on each other. This time we took turns giving and receiving with Penny being the first to offer me the wonderful gift of an equally Earth-shattering climax. As she worked her magic on me I stared in wonder at her incredible flawless beauty.

I returned the favor shortly thereafter and Penny rewarded me with the most delicious cum that I had ever tasted from male or female in all of the sexual encounters I'd ever had.  Again afterward, we were both so spent as to barely be able to move. 

It had been over two hours now and although I was dreading even asking about it, the unfortunate reality had sunk in. I had come here to earn some much-needed cash and Penny had taken practically no photos of me this morning.

“I’m not going to earn that $300 today am I?”

Penny sighed and said, “No sugar I’m afraid not.”

I knew that was coming, but what I didn’t expect was her next statement. “But you will be earning $2,500 darling if you’re willing to sign the release.”

I stared at her with confused look and she took me by the hand and led me over to the video camera, set on tripod and running, impossible to see until we cleared those damned bright studio lights.  It had recorded our entire encounter from the moment I had started undressing. 

“It’s $2,500 guaranteed to sign the release.  But if the DVD does well, I’ll share the profits with you 50/50. There is a big market for amateur lesbian porn honey… especially genuine amateurs. And your performance darling was as genuine as they get.”

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  1. Very good Gina. I enjoyed reading this story very much. Some more like this please! X