Monday, September 5, 2011

Locker Room Reporter

I've been thinking a little bit about the practicality of trying to write erotica for a living.

Now don't get me wrong, I am NOWHERE near giving up on the idea.  I still have a few months of time before I need to face that decision and hopefully I'll have at least two more titles out by then to help me figure out if this is going to work.

But it's always good to have contingency plans lined up.  And I've been thinking about the possibility of entering journalism.  The only thing that doesn't appeal to me about that is writing about topics that I couldn't give a rat's ass about.

I mean, part of what makes me excited to write is I am excited ABOUT the things I write.  It's damn hard to get "excited" about political bickering in the City council or reporting on yet ANOTHER violent crime or murder....

So I got to thinking that maybe I should try to get into sports reporting and more specifically I thought about applying for the role of locker room reporter following men's sports!

What...?  Do I know anything about sports?  Um, sure.  I know that there are lots of balls involved in men's sports.  I really sort of like that part of athletics to be honest.

Huh?  Do I know the rules?  Yeah of course.  The team with the most points always wins right?  How tough is that?

OK, yes I admit, I probably wouldn't be the best candidate to report on the performance side of things, but I could really write some interesting pieces about how sexy the Chicago Bear's quarterback looks in just a towel (or less!)  I could also write an expose on what REALLY happens in those huge communal showers....

About now, you're thinking "is there a point to this post?"  I'm glad you asked.  Or I guess I'm glad I asked on your behalf.

As wacky as it sounds, this little crazy musing on mine this weekend directly led to inspiration of a very hot and sexy scene in the upcoming "Vicariously" in which "Gina" (yes, I'm one of the characters) enters a bit of a fantasy/dream sequence where she assumes the role of Basketball coach for a men's team.  I rewrote bits of the existing work to fit it in and it came out marvelously!  It's hot, sexy, funny, admittedly a bit over the top and as always sprinkled with a little symbolism too.

So the point is whether or not I'm actually cut out for journalism or sports-reporting, just even considering the possibility led to some great inspiration, the fruit of which is a very nice erotica scene that I think most readers will truly enjoy.

For me at least, that's how I derive much of what I write about.  I think of just an everyday circumstance or scenario and let my mind wander wondering about all the ways the mundane might be transformed into something sexy and special.


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