Friday, September 9, 2011

Artistic Male Nudity

I'd like to thank @NakedAxle for giving me permission to use this picture of him.  You can follow him on Twitter if you like guys with hot bods (and who doesn't?)

Anyway, when I saw this shot I was immediately impressed by its artistic value.

Now I know guys like to get straight to the point instead of trying to interpret what a girl says to figure out what she "really means."  So let me be blunt:

Girls don't usually want to see pictures of you with your hard dicks pointing straight into the air.

OK, there I've said it.  I can't be any more straight-forward than that.

Does this mean women don't like pics of men showing skin?  NOT AT ALL.  Of course we do... or at least I do.  I guess I can't speak for everyone.

SO what's the catch then?  There are several of them.

1.  Less is more.  I like this picture so much because it alludes to @NakedAxle's nudity without shoving it straight into my face, so to speak.  It is an interesting composition with the back-lighting from the curtained window silhouetting his body.  It accentuates his shape and yes we can see the bottom of his willy poking down too.

The difference, for me, is this.  Send me a pic of your hard-on in harsh lighting looking like it wants to poke and stab something and I am most likely to feel like running away for cover.  But send me a teasing pic like this and I am most likely to imagine walking up behind him and reaching my hands between his legs to touch and play.

I think MOST guys would prefer to evoke the second response from women, so think of that when you take your own self-pics.

2.  You're a person, not a sex organ.  Along similar lines, I also prefer a picture of a bare-chested man smiling at me wearing shorts to almost any pic featuring bottom nudity with no face.

Honestly if I'm simply in the mood for a "big dick" (which does occur but not VERY frequently), I can easily pull out a dildo from my bottom drawer.  The only problem with that approach is it won't usually share dinner with me after or discuss the finer point of symbolism in the movie we've just watched together.

3.  The male body is not as beautiful as females.  I don't want to hurt feelings, but I think most people agree and understand that men, especially their penises are simply not as beautiful as women.  It's one of the reasons I am a "drunk" bisexual.  I can look at naked boobs or a fully naked woman and really feel like I'm staring at a thing of beauty.

There are exceptions to every rule, but the scrotum and penis of a man, in many cases, is simply unattractive.  With large veins and wrinkles present on most men's organ's it's no wonder we prefer a sexy toned chest or a dashing attractive smile.  We put up with the other once we feel a connection with you guys, but that's the reason you don't want to immediately assault us with those images.  They simply are not enticing in most cases.

4. We want to be the source of your erection.  This is a vanity thing, but it might enlighten you a little bit more.  When I see a guy eagerly sending out pictures of his stiff shaft, I think "What a horn dog.  He pretty much wants, and is willing, to fuck anything that moves."  I'd much prefer to have a man start flaccid and see the erection that results from me kissing and touching him or stripping naked in front of him.  In that instance I feel like it is more ME that is turning him on... not simply the fact that he's a male and all males are horny... oh about 95% of the time.

Now I'm not naive.  I realize the last fact is still a big predetermining factor even if I'm one-on-one with a guy in a sexy situation.  But at least let me have that little fantasy of mine.  If you prove to me without a doubt that a stiff wind can make you hard, I have absolutely nothing left to work with in terms of feeling that it is ME that causes at least part of your excitement.

Anyway, I'm not trying to bash men or infer that I hate cocks.  I don't at all!  They are a wonderful source of pleasure and can be quite fun to play with (or playfully ridicule in the case of the micro penis.)  I'm simply trying to give you some insight into why most woman react much more differently to the sight of a naked male than you guys (and us gals) do to the sight of a naked woman.

That's a painful thought for a lot of you I know... but there is hope.  How can you get us gals willingly interested in ogling your naked bodies?  One way is exactly how @NakedAxle has done here.  Make it an artistic shot.  Tease us without offending us.  Let us see your bodies in beautiful, different ways.  Get to know us first and send us photos of your warm smiles and sexy torsos.

I know it's a slower process on your side of things, but one that I truly believe you may find a lot more fulfilling in the end.

But what the heck do I know?  I'm only one woman, that happens to write erotica, so I'm hardly a cross-section of the female population on whole.  I could be completely wrong here....  But I don't think I am.


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