Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Twitter Challenge!

I'm writing today, but also scanning Twitter occasionally.  I just saw the following tweet from @SexExperiment

Could "delete button" ever be sexily used for a part of the female anatomy (you choose)? "Sexily" is the key word, and that's a challenge.

My contention is ANYTHING can be made sexy if you are willing to work it enough.  In this case, I think it's quite easy.  Please excuse the brevity of this post... it's just something I'm throwing together in a few minute break in response to this "challenge" lol.  Enjoy
After entering the massage room, she undressed down to her panties and took her usual position on the table face down into that little hole cut out for that very purpose. It was just a normal Friday spa day after all.

But wasn't normal about this FRIDAY was the fact the spa had just hired a new masseur and it was her lucky day to draw his attention for her weekly massage.

Actually it was going to be more like her lucky YEAR, because Jean-Patrick as he was called was a master of the art of massage. He was able to work her body with his digits in a way she had never experienced nor dreamed possible. It felt as though pure energy flowed out of his fingertips right into her very being. It electrified her senses, relieving stress and also quite honestly turning her on during the process as well.

For 20 minutes Jean-Patrick worked every inch of her nearly naked body with perfection. His technique was flawless as not a single action or finger-placement was ill-advised. It was akin to a typist being able to churn out 100 words-per-minute on a keyboard... and better yet with no typo mistakes!

Jean-Patrick's pleasurable kneading and touching had her almost in a trance-like state as the maestro "fingerist" worked her bodily keyboard over... it wouldn't matter if she were QWERTY or DVORAK or any other derivative for that matter as his hands knew exactly where to go and she willingly accepted every masterful keypress stroke. That is until he was working the back of her thighs and... intended or not... Jean-Patrick squarely administered pressure to her "delete button" snapping her immediately back from her dream-state to the realization that this strange man had been brazen enough to sneak his finger inside the entrance of her castle walls.

And although her defenses had been down and it may have even seemed like she willed him to enter her fortress, her instincts now had her calling the emergency guards... no that faux pas would not easily be erased with liquid paper!


OK, nothing to write home about I know it, but this is one-pass with no real editing.  But I think it's a sufficiently sexy use of "delete button" to meet the challenge.  I'm interested to see if you agree.  Let me know!



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  1. I call this a success, however, if the masseur hits Ctrl and Alt at the same time, there may be a lawsuit on his hands. You just don't warm boot someone without their permission.