Friday, August 26, 2011

Sneak Peak at "The Club"

OK, I'm having a great productive writing day today so far.  I'm really in the mood.  I'm taking a little break to use the bathroom and stretch a bit and as I do I figured why not throw a little snippet onto the blog for your pleasure.

Now mind you this story is way off from completion.  Probably 3-4 weeks at least.  I don't want to tell you the exact subject matter yet... it's too early in the process.  But I will say that I've tentatively picked out the title as "The Club" subject to change of course.

Hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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His first wife Joan just loved having sex with Clarence. She was an actual virgin, a dying breed, when he met her at age 20. He was eager to go hunting to try to further along the extinction of the species as soon as he possibly could. Despite her resistance to premarital sex, it had taken Clarence just 2 months to slay his prey.

It was easy pickings to be honest. You see Clarence had a magic tongue. It was long and flexible and had just the right texture, a mix between silky smooth and sandpaper tantalizing. Joan had never received oral sex from a man before Clarence, so it was just unlucky that she didn’t realize how far above average his skills stood out. Maybe if she had, she wouldn’t have decided to sample what else was available in the market place and quite feasibly she and Clarence would still be married now.

But at that time, even with her lack of benchmark, Joan understood one thing. Clarence’s tongue had a way of making the nerve endings in her entire body tingle.

The very first time Clarence administered his lapping love, it was an event of epic proportions for Joan. They had started out kissing, simple enough, and as usual Clarence wasn’t content to stay in one place… anatomically. But what distinguished Clarence in his approach to sexual surveying is that he didn’t try to just jump to the “finish line” like many guys are prone to do. No, this wasn’t a race for Clarence, unless you wanted to consider it a marathon. But a better comparison would be more like a relaxing road trip and he was ready to explore all the sights and stop and stay at each for awhile as well. He even liked to take pictures of the journey for remembrance sake, but Joan wasn’t into that part of the trip all that much.

Joan just adored having her neck kissed and Clarence could sense her pleasure as his lips and nose gently brushed against her sensitive skin, giving her goose bumps. Clarence nibbled lightly on Joan’s ears his breath gently ticking her as he did.

He was always so in tune to what she was feeling it seemed. Without having to say a word, Clarence knew when one part of Joan’s body had been stimulated enough and it was time to move on. He moved from her neck to her tummy and playfully pecked at it just barely lifting her shirt as he did. Joan loved the fact that Clarence was so sensual with clothes on. This was another way in which he differed from most men. Clarence liked to perform a significant amount of foreplay on Joan before they were undressed. It ended up making the undressing itself even that more intense. By the time he’d get around to finally removing Joan’s clothes, she’d be so hot and bothered that the very act of shedding those garments became a sexually charged, sensual experience.

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