Monday, August 22, 2011

It's all in the details

I thought I'd share what it's like for me to write an erotic story.

I start, before every laying down any words, just closing my eyes leaning back and imagining how the whole story will play out. I'll do this 4 or 5 times before I begin a new work. Sure, I may end up jotting down some notes each time and sometimes I envision it slightly different than the previous time. But I come pretty close to having a complete plot line established in my brain before I ever begin the actual writing.

I also have a tendency to be a lot wordier than most erotica writers.  The reason is I believe the passion and the excitement that comes from the stories is intensified if you, as the reader, are able to identify with the scene, characters, and situation.  The best way I can try to assure that is to describe everything in detail when it makes sense and adds value.

It's a fine line, though.  The story will bog down and become a muddled mess if it pauses for too long.  So, that's the balancing beam I walk daily.  Make it snappy, make it hot, and make it relate-able.  I want you to feel like you're a real part of it.  I literally want you to get so engrossed you're lost in the work.

But, there are certain details that I purposely leave out.  For instance, I often won't specify a characters race or certain physical details, if they are irrelevant to the plot.  It's up to you to fill in those blanks... making the story your own.  Imagine yourself as the lead or someone you know.  It's a fun way to enjoy the story.

I've even tried experimenting before with leaving names out completely in some cases for the same reason, but that usually gets too confusing.

It may surprise you to know that less than 1/3rd of what I write in a draft will make it through to the end.  I'm constantly rewriting or in some cases scrapping sections altogether to make the end product something I'm proud to put my name on.

The true test is when I go back for final review editing.  If I read a passage and it makes me wet... then I know it's done or nearly so!  ;-)

And that's no joke.  I often go back and reread my previous titles even after they're published.  It's not from being narcissistic.  It's more because I truly enjoy them myself... quite simply, they get me hot!  That's the standard I'm striving for in producing the final product.

After all, if the author doesn't want to go back and read their own material, because it's not interesting enough, then why should they expect you to want to read it the first time?

So that's just a little insight.  I'm not sure whether you care, but if you did, hopefully this sheds a little light on the process.



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