Monday, August 29, 2011

"Lady Gago" Trending Topic on Twitter

Earlier today I was on Twitter and noticed that "Lady Gago" was trending.  Now honestly, in my line of work, all that I could envision was a poor singer who has fallen on bad times and was forced to now sell herself to get by... maybe in fact in some parallel universe somewhere.

Her speciality was um... something that caused gagging on occasion.

So at the time I Tweeted that I would be FORCED to write a short erotic story fleshing out this idea if the TT continued much longer.

Fast forward 8 hours later and it was still going strong.  So I made good on my promise.  But for posterity sake, I decided to also post the result here.  Gaga fans will probably appreciate this more than those who don't know her work.  Enjoy.

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 1, I warned you guys earlier... Lady Gago

dropped to her knees and got ready to accept him him into her mouth

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 2, He looked down at Gago and asked her how she got so beautiful "Baby I was born this way" she answered. He..

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 3, loving brushed Gago's hair aside saying,"I've just ended a Bad Romance and my Monster can sure use your attn"

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 4, Gago was Speechless and her Poker Face didn't betray her willingness to Dance in the Dark with him all nite

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 5, He continued, "I love that you're Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Gago... Let's make this LoveGame between YouAndI ...

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 6, ...something that produces BadKids. Let's run off right now to an Electric Chapel. The Paparazzi won't know

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 7, that we hooked up simply cuz ur a GovernmentHooker. But it wasn't really him proposing it was simply cuz

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 8, Gago's magic throat had taken him to TheEdgeofGlory. And BloodyMary was she ever good. He was ready now..

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 9, and the result when withdrawn from Gago's mouth was evident in her Hair and these Americano ...

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 10, Heavy Metal Lovers would Marry the Night, not each other. In fact after this he wouldnt even bother

Lady Gago #GagoErotica part 11, to Telephone Gago ever again.. that ungrateful man, Alejandro. (The end) search hash for complete story.

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  1. OMG PMSL this is too fucking funny. Well played!