Friday, August 26, 2011

The Club- Sneak Peek, part deux (or '2' for the French-imparied)

And I just can't help myself ... take a look at where it progresses to in short order.  Enjoy.


P.S. I'm literally wet right this moment....  Thought you might like to know. ;-)

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His talent was truly amazing especially given that he was only 24 years old himself, not all that much more experienced than Joan. Although, I guess pretty much everyone is more experienced than a virgin.

Still Clarence had the foreplay talent of a maestro and we’re not talking some guy that plays “Happy Birthday” on the piano at children’s parties. No, Clarence was a bona fide Amadeus Mozart with all of the applicable naughty Wolfgang tendencies to along with it!

Right now Clarence was playing the part of Don Giovanni to Joan’s unwitting part of Anna. Only in his version the seduction of the Commendatore's daughter, turned out much more positively… luckily she had no other fiancé.

It was too much. The seduction not only worked to get Anna, um, I mean Joan, into the mood. It brought out a part of her she never knew existed. She eagerly shed clothes, outward and undergarments, in a process that most resembled an Australian dirt-devil whip-up storm.

She was eager now, no really much stronger than that, insatiably wanting… needing Clarence to continue the love he’d been administering to her outward skin and to turn it into an indoor affair.

He knew what she expected and wanted, but that didn’t stop Joan, normally quite timid and shy, from simply grasping Clarence’s precious head and physically guiding it down to her pelvic region. Her legs already spread-eagle, apart as far as possible, Clarence could see that his playfulness has cause Joan to spring a leak in her indoor piping and apparently the plumber DID in fact make emergency house calls. That is, if you considered Clarence to be an amateur plumber.

However, Clarence was really no good at stopping Joan’s leaks, quite the contrary. For no matter what amount of probing he performed with his fingers, and tongue, exploring for the source of moisture, he just couldn’t stop the dripping. In fact, it simply continued to get worse and worse.

Joan was obviously dissatisfied by Clarence’s ineptness as a plumber as she petitioned to her deity for some divine assistance, mumbling quite audibly “oh… oh, God… oh, God help me. Yes. Oh dear Jesus. Oh… oh… oh holy shit!” Her last utterance was probably quite blasphemous, but given the issue at hand was some leaky plumbing, maybe, just maybe, it was appropriate. I’ll let you be the judge.

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