Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Covered Nudity - My Thoughts

This eBook cover has been pretty much banned everywhere this title is sold, except (for the moment) at Barnes & Noble.

Now watch, just by me drawing attention to it, it will probably be axed there as well.

SO why do I bring this up?  It's an interesting phenomenon.  The whole idea of nudity, covered nudity, et cetera.  What's beautiful artwork to one person is disgusting pornography to another. 

I think it all comes down to what the person viewing the image feels at the time.

For instance, I'm guessing that most of you (especially all the horny guys) will be thinking of thoughts like this.

Possible horny/pornographic thoughts:
>Oh, her panties are nearly clean off.  If I could just tilt my head a little either way I could see that wonderful pussy.
>With those down around ankles/feet, she's just ready/asking to be fucked.
>Oh, look at how her legs and thighs are spread way apart.  She's just inviting me to slip in between them and give her a good screwing.
>Look, you can tell (most likely) that she has no top on at all and it seems like she has huge tits to boot.

I think the fact that the image is used as the cover to an erotic eBook also tilts one's opinion to looking at it as somehow dirty & pornographic.

There is no debating it, this is definitely a quite sexy/sensual image.  But, there's another side to it... if one would open their mind and just interpret the photo.

Look at how skillfully the actual nudity is hidden.  I've looked at the image for quite sometime myself, trying to catch "a naughty glimpse of something I'm not supposed to."  But it's pretty much impossible.

I see instead... an amazingly well done photographic composition that both hints at the fact that this woman is fully nude, but still doesn't show us a damn single thing that you could not see simply walking down the shore at your own local beach (assuming you're lucky enough to have one.)

I mean, let's look at the details - especially of her bottom.  Those panties are pretty much sheer.  If the woman was wearing them in that same pose, we'd see everything without a doubt.  But the double layering of them in space at exactly the right angle turns a very explicit shot of her cootchie into a much more modest one.

Now admittedly, the one area that the shot is quite risque is in displaying quite a bit of the woman's right boob.  Somehow we've decided as a society that the bottom portion of the breast is worthy of more shock and indignation than the top.  Think about it.  Women's cleavage is pretty much celebrated.  On TV shows, fashion runways, in public, pretty much everywhere... you can get away with showing as much titty from the top as you like and no one will bat an eye.

Well, of course MEN will bat more than an eye as they love it.  But no one will censor you or arrest you for indecent exposure... that sort of thing.  As long as your areolae are not on display.

But from the bottom, no that simply won't do.  Seeing even just a little bit of the bottom of a boob immediately raises the stakes and makes it a more forbidden pic.

I have a shot I intend to post tomorrow from one of my twitter followers @Lou0506, it's a similar covered nudity shot of her chest she posted on Twitter to draw awareness to "Boobie Wednesday" a shout out to the cause of ladies checking yourself regularly for breast cancer.  It's such a great idea that I'll mention it here now and then again tomorrow on Wednesday itself.

But @Lou0506's shot was pulled from its image hosting service WITHIN 15 MINUTES for violation of Terms-of-Service.  They thought it was too racy!  What a crock.  Check back tomorrow and you'll see why I am so amazed.

It is a damn sexy pic for sure!  But so what?  Everyone LOVES sexy.  We hold it in high regard in society and the sexiest of all people receive the most glorified attention.  Is the shot pornographic?  HELL NO.

So in conclusion, I say that society just needs to lighten up a bit and enjoy the beauty that is present in the art form known as the human body.  If it wasn't for the tendency to jump to the thought of "fucking someone" because of nudity, partial-nudity or covered nudity then there wouldn't be a debate at all.

But I guess we can't outlaw thoughts (good thing) so instead we have to have a knee-jerk reaction and take away the stimuli instead.

Remember to check back tomorrow to see the Boobie Wednesday photo of @Lou0506 that I mentioned and then weigh in with your own opinions about what is art and what is pornographic.


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