Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot Tub Adventure with Peter

I posted this elsewhere in response to someone's story about sexy situations in hot tubs.  I was planning to just post a little but ended up telling this whole story, so thought why not post it here as well.  Enjoy!

Ahh, nice story. Hot tubs are a great excuse for some sexy adventures.

I took my then bf Peter to a friend's BBQ one time and it turned out they had a hot tub that sat 8. Late in the evening we were all sitting around drinking and the host invited us to get in. Well apparently everyone else knew this was a possibility and brought swimwear, but we did not!

They teased us about getting in in our underwear, thinking that is was all just a funny joke. But what they didn't know was Peter was very submissive to me in the relationship. I trained him to be. So after a while I commanded him to strip to his shorts and join the others in the tub.

He was so embarrassed but knew there would be severe consequences if he didn't comply so he did. Then after his white shorts were all good and wet and see-through I made him get out and go fetch me another drink. Of course when he got out everyone was shocked to see right through his underwear.

I was loving it... the combination of him submitting to my wishes and me showing off his awesome bod to everyone. Finally after awhile I went ahead and stripped down to my panties as well. I took my bra off because I didn't want to ruin it. All the girls were in shock (prob thought I was a slut) and the guys loved it.

When I got in next to Peter I reached under the water to his lap and he was rock hard already. I also reached the other direction to a guy Tom sitting to my right and he was so startled he flinched and splashed water everywhere. I thought I was busted, but he covered it pretty well saying a mosquito had flown into his ear. LOL. Anyway I jerked both of them off underwater and no one else was the wiser. Of course I had to move really slowly so that it wasn't obvious.

I wonder how many hot tubs are filled partly with jizz in the water. I'm sure it's most!

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  1. I can bet the guys loved it (and probably some of the women). Regardless, they were all lucky to get that view and a couple were more lucky than the others!

    Very sexy story. Thanks for sharing it.