Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Agent, All His Dreams Come True (part 1)

Great news everyone!  I got permission to post Chapter 1 from "Free Agent" in the blog.  It's pretty long, so I'll do it in several posts over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy!
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All His Dreams Come True

“Derrick…?” The young brunette called out with a lilt in her petite voice – a voice that matched her diminutive frame. At 5’0, 103 pounds, she was just about as tiny as they come anyway. But compared to a hulking professional football player, she looked like a genuine midget.

“Derrick…? Where arrrrrreeeeeee you…?”

Derrick woke up. It was completely dark in his apartment bedroom. Looking at his nightstand he noticed the time, 3:15 a.m. Not sure whether he had actually heard anything or not, Derrick lie still in his bed and listened. After a minute or two of silence, he had almost decided it was nothing, but then….

“Derrick! Are you here or not? I’m getting tired of waiting. I just may start without you if you don’t hurry!” The voice giggled at the end of the sentence and Derrick heard a soft splash of water.

Derrick sat straight up in his bed, his heart pounding fast. Adrenaline surged through his body.

A gentle, flowery smell wafted in the air, lingering in front of him, before drawn slowly up his nostrils as he inhaled.

He had gone to sleep that night alone, as he usually did... at least as far as he could recall.

Scratching his head, he pondered. “Did I go out and pick someone up last night?” Straining to remember, he pieced back the events of last evening.

First, at around six, he had gone to see his mother who cooked him dinner. He stayed there for two hours.

Then after, he had come back to his apartment. His agent called and they spoke for less than an hour.

Following that, the evening unwound rather slowly with Derrick watching some TV, paying bills, and finally settling down on the couch with a good book, a saucy title of erotica called “Sex with Substance.” He loved the author, a young woman from Queens, and made it a point to read every book she’d released.

At around midnight he awoke, having drifted off on the couch, got undressed, and came to sleep here in his proper bed.

The sound of splashing water brought Derrick’s focus back to the issue at hand.

At 6’7”, 315 pounds, mostly muscle, the professional football lineman was not really afraid of ANYONE physically, much less a female. But having assured himself that he ended the evening alone, to be sitting in bed with a strange woman calling out to him was more than a little disconcerting.

He considered the possibilities.

Could it be a stalker? Derrick had never encountered one himself, but he had heard stories of a few guys in the league being followed obsessively by women. One case even surfaced where the girl had broken into and lived in the player’s home while he had been gone on a team road trip. When the player returned he found that the woman had rearranged all the furniture, loaded her clothes up in the closets, and even had changed her official mailing address to his place.

You never could be too careful about these sorts of situations, even if they didn’t seem immediately threatening. After all, woman or not, a deranged stalker could be unpredictable and volatile.

Derrick considered his options. Should he call the police? What if it wasn’t simply a woman? What if … it’s a group of burglars? They could possibly have weapons.

But then it occurred to him that if such a group had broken in, and knew that he was there, they wouldn’t be purposely waking him up with the siren call of a young woman. They would have attacked him in bed as he slept, when he’d be most vulnerable.

“Derrick… please, baby,” the voice insistently beckoned, starting to sound irritated.

Finally, he could take the suspense no longer. Derrick called out into the darkness, tentatively “who… who is it? Where are you?” As he spoke he slowly unfurled himself from the bed sheets and prepared for a physical assault, just in case.

“You know who it is sweetheart. I’m taking that long relaxing bath you promised me. But there’s just one thing. I can’t reach my lower back. Will you come in here and help me scrub it, Derrick…? Please… With sugar on top – and bottom. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

Funny that he hadn’t noticed the bathroom light was on until that moment. Granted the door was closed, but enough light trickled out from underneath it and into the darkened bedroom for it to be quite obvious.

“What the hell is going on” he thought to himself as he slowly approached the door and tentatively reached for the handle.

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