Saturday, August 27, 2011

Even More About Me

OK, so I've been getting a lot of the same questions over and over.  Although I love DMing everyone, it does take an awful lot of time, so in the interest of efficiency, here are some common FAQ about me I guess.  LOL

1. You're working out an awful lot when you're on twitter, what's up with that?

First off, the pic is living proof that if you kill yourself doing cardio an hour a day the butt can start to shrink.  From 18 to 21 it sort of grew on me, unexpectedly.  Sneaky bitch. 

But I've been working on it the last 8 months and it's getting back down to where it used to be.

Yes I KNOW I still have some cellulite, but I don't care.  I'm quite happy.  Incidental, I purposely chose profile view because it IS more flattering.  I'm quite a bit wider and not so impressive from that angle.  LOL.  Oops a girl isn't supposed to give away all her secrets is she?

2. Is Gina your real name?


3. I looked up Gina Sartucci on (insert your favorite reference here) and couldn't find you.

That's why Sartucci isn't....  Listen I love you guys, but please don't try to contact me uninvited, OK?  It's a little creepy.  Sartucci is a pen name.  It's a funny modification of my real last name, which I will NOT tell you.

4. What's your nationality?

American!  But if you want to know my heritage, it's Italian.

5.  Are you married or dating anyone?

Single.  Last long term relationship ended 9 months ago.  I am incidentally dating a few guys occasionally but not in a serious relationship.

6.  Can I date/meet/stalk you!

See #3.  Guys, again I'm flattered, but I've literally had a half dozen of you offer to come see me or fly me to you within about an hour of us first chatting.  C'mon.  Really?

7.  Where are you now?

I live in Chicago at the moment but would love to try to get back to NYC before too long if I can.  Mom & Dad still live in Queens and yes by the way, they did evacuate their home yesterday because of Irene.  They're in NJ right now.

8.  What does your family think of you writing erotica?

Are you kidding me?  They don't know.  My dad would be crushed.  I'm the youngest with 4 brothers and 1 sister and he still treats me like I'm about 11 or 12.  He sees me as that innocent little girl.

In fact only 2 friends know I do this and my publisher.  I'm feel like a spy or something when people starting talking about careers.  My "cover story" is that I do freelance writing, which I do sometimes, but I haven't had a lot published in that area so it always looks suspicious.

9.  Do you really make a living doing this?

I just recently entered a deal to have my current stuff published as "myself" which will supposedly make me more than the paltry amounts I got by being a "ghostwriter" which means I wrote it and someone else took credit for it. I'd love to tell you the stories I wrote that are out there - some are quite popular in the erotica world! But that would break the confidentially agreements I signed AND it's just not a cool thing to do when you Ghostwrite.

So honestly, no not yet and I'll let you know more in about 6 months!   Ghostwriting pay sucks (less than $6,000 per year).  I had to work in retail 3 days a week as a second job and write ALL the rest of the time.  Even between those two I was barely getting by. 

But I am writing full-time right now in an effort to get more things out there under my own name.  I was paid an advance that can get me by for 4 months, so that's really the window I have to make this work before I have to abandon it and go back to a regular job.  So we will cross our fingers and see.

10.  What's your favorite food?

Pizza and pasta baby.  Red sauce runs through my blood.  See #1 on why that sneaky butt inflated I guess.  LOL.  Incidentally I'm loving the deep dish choices in Chicago... not helping my cause though!

11.  I have a nice car and a lot of money, are you impressed?

I'm truly happy for you...  but impressed?  Nah.  Unless you just want to gift it to me, then I'd be very impressed.  ;-)  But if you're expecting sex in return see #'s 3 & 6 above.

12.  Can I ask you something?

You can ask anything you'd like guys, just remember two things.  I'm not constantly on Twitter so don't be surprised if it takes me a while to answer.  And if you ask an extremely rude or insulting question I may not answer at all.  I won't get "mad" at you for doing it, but I also am not going to tell you anything you want.

13.  Can I send you naked pictures of me.
YES!  But with a catch....  I want them for the #GBodyParts project that I've tweeted about.  Search that hash tag for more information.  But do I want to see pics of you masturbating for my own personal pleasure...  um, probably not, but feel free to keep asking.  ;-)
14.  I've read some of your work and like it, what can I do to support you?
I LOVE you guys, the few that have asked.  Simply keep buying my books, that helps financially and also makes the titles climb in the popularity ranks which is ultimately what I need to survive.  Also, please REVIEW the titles at your favorite eBook stores, Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords... one or all three. 
Similarly just tell your friends that you know enjoy erotica.  Word of mouth advertising is the best way I've found to get people to try me out.  They're usually not disappointed.  Also feel free to use the social media tools on any blog article you like to help me spread the word to twitter FaceBook or wherever.
My publisher wants me to do my own FaceBook page and I will eventually, but I'm just too busy writing now to spend the time.
Speaking of which... this has taken far longer than expected.  Got to get back to the grindstone. 
Love you guys (and gals)


  1. Ummm... WOW! Very nice!

  2. Very interesting read hun, this answers a lot of questions honey, big hugs & loads of love! x~Adrian~x