Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Agent, All His Dreams Come True (part 2)

Derrick took one last breath and held it in deep, muscles tensing, legs steadying. Who knew what to expect? He grabbed the handle and with a quick turn and push, flung open the door.

Just as soon as he did, Derrick was attacked!

… by floating bubbles.

The bathtub was filled as high as possible without overflowing. A thick layer of bubbles rested on the water’s surface. More of the soapy creatures had taken flight and were floating around the room in careless paths, congregating on the sink, mirror, towel bar, and just about everywhere there was a convenient landing place.

His vision, distracted by the airborne aggressors, took some time before it finally settled upon the source of the soft, sultry voice that had been calling to him. He could only see her head. It was topped with straight, dark hair as black as night, not quite shoulder length. She was soaking in the tub… or maybe being held captive and slowly consumed by the nefarious, translucent, spherical warriors.

“THERE you are!” The voice smiled. So did the face attached to it. It was a sweet, innocent smile. Like that of a young girl, who thinks that every man in the world is as nice as her own father. Innocence that shields her from the plain and dirty fact that most men, within a span of a few seconds of laying eyes on her, are already fantasizing about what it would be like to bed and ravage her petite, sexpot body.

“Now come here and feed me. I’m soooo hungry. I’ve been starving, waiting for you so long. I need to taste your seed. Come feed me you life-giving elixir, Derrick.”

Her smile lingered. Apparently, it wasn’t quite as innocent a smile as it first seemed.

Derrick, taken aback by the sexually-aggressive advance from this unknown woman, frowned and wondered out loud “Who ARE you, girl and how did you get in?”

“You can call me ‘Lucy’,” the voice responded. “But, that’s really unimportant right now. What IS important is I need to you help me.” Then without warning, the voice changed markedly, so much so that Derrick blinked his eyes to make sure he was still staring at a sweet young girl’s face. The sound that came out next was much deeper in pitch and almost masculine. “Now COME HERE, Derrick.”

Derrick tensed up. “What I’m fixing to do is call the police, woman. Now do you want to explain to me what you’re doing here and how you got in before I do?”

Lucy looked unfazed, “nah. Go ahead and call them. I’ll wait. I’ve got … oh about another 40 minutes or so, before I have to leave.” The voice was back to a sweet, high-pitched innocence. The smile continued to linger and was joined by a guilty giggle.

Derrick backed out of the room slowly; keeping his eyes fixed on her as picked up the phone on his nightstand and dialed 911.

“9-1-1 operator. What’s your emergency?”

“Yes, hello there’s a strange woman, naked in my bathtub, taking a bubble bath and I….”

The operator interrupted, “Oh, yes sir that DOES sound like such an emergency indeed. I assume she’s trying to kill you with kisses?”

“This isn’t funny,” Derrick shot back. “I don’t know who she is and I’m a professional athlete. I’m afraid she might be a stalker.”

The operator replied back with a dull voice, “Yes sir, I’ll dispatch a unit to your location immediately. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, please hurry. Do you need my address?”

“No sir, I have that from the caller ID system…. But, Derrick? Go ahead and fuck Lucy while you wait. She won’t harm you. We promise.” The operator hung up with a click.

“What?!” Derrick was incredulous and his hand started to shake.

Lucy laughed from the tub, a strange and sinister laugh.

Derrick tried to hang-up and redial, but the phone was dead. Panicking now, he bolted for the bedroom door but found himself locked inside.

“How did you do this?” he screamed to Lucy. “How did you intercept the call and lock me in my own room with you inside?”

“Derrick! Think. What’s the only logical conclusion? Ah, I thought you were smarter than this.” Lucy’s face now looked visibly irritated.

“As far as I can tell, the only logical conclusion is that you aren’t working alone. You’re part of a group. Someone else locked us in and you’ve got someone intercepting my outgoing phone calls.” That was really the only possible explanation that came to Derrick’s mind. “OK. Tell me what you want. I don’t have much money. Take anything you want from here and just leave.”

Lucy now stood in the tub, emerging from the bubbles that had shielded her body from view. It was simply magnificent. Although small in stature, Lucy had all the right curves in all the right proportions. Her breasts were perfectly symmetrical, B-cup in size. They defied gravity. In fact, if Sir Isaac Newton were alive to see them, he’d have to go back to scribbling on a notepad because Lucy’s tits were a much more persuasive argument than any apple falling on your head.

At the end of each delectable mound of flesh protruded a dark-red, pointy nipple that begged to be kissed, licked, and sucked. Again, just EXACTLY the right size for the scale of her breasts and body overall. It was as though a God had crafted Lucy from blueprint specifications rather than nature taking its chance with random dice rolls.

The rest of Lucy’s body was similarly aesthetically perfect. Her flat, well-defined abdomen flared to wider, fuller, soft hips and thighs, narrowing once again to long, slender, muscular legs. There wasn’t a single blemish on her skin.

And of course in addition to all that, there was the seat of her womanhood. Visibly on display to Derrick as Lucy stood there. Although the rest of her body was pure perfection, Lucy’s crotch ascended to something even greater than perfect. It was ethereal, magical, infinitely complex and yet elegant visually. A strong and powerful energy emanated from within it. Light passing near her crotch was bent slightly as through passing through a prism, casting a slight reddish glow.

Derrick stood, silent, in amazement, paralyzed. He’d seen a lot of naked women in his days, but none as gorgeous as this.

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