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Free Agent, All His Dreams Come True (part 3 & conclusion)

Before you read the exciting part 3 & conclusion to Free Agent, chapter 1, please be sure you've read parts 1 & 2 first.  You can find them in previous blog posts from the last couple days.



Lucy now spoke. “The other, more likely, logical conclusion, my dear Derrick is….”

He waited for her to continue. It seemed like an eternity although it was only a few seconds.

“… that you have been under tremendous pressure as a result of your expiring contract. And, your mother made her ‘wonderful’ meatloaf for dinner, that you don’t have the heart to tell her always upsets your stomach and gives you the shits.”

Derrick wondered how she could know about his mother’s dinner choice.

“Consequently, my dear Derrick, the truly logical explanation is that this is all a wild dream, brought on by stress and indigestion. That’s why my body is so pleasing to you…. It’s what YOU envision as pure perfection.

So my advice, honey, is to not waste this opportunity any longer and to let your mind run wild with this fantasy. Come here now and join me in the tub.”

She reached her arm out to him and he felt an invisible force gently pushing him towards her.

“Come here and fuck me now in all the dirty ways you could ever want and imagine. I am here only to please you. I do want one very small thing in return, but that can wait until later. But for now, come use me as your personal slut. I will be anything you desire me to be. I won’t say no to any request. Just come to me... before it’s too late... before you wake up. Come, Derrick, Come.”

Without any choice of his own, Derrick joined Lucy in the tub. Stripping off his underpants and t-shirt he stepped into the water and took her in his arms. Displaced bubbles circled, floating in the air in gleeful flight.

Derrick pressed Lucy’s remarkable body up against his own naked flesh. It was sizzling hot to the touch.

Without any real effort on his part, his manhood awoke and became a filthy snake that hissed at Lucy and then slithered inside her on its own volition. A snake full of venom that wanted to spread its poison everywhere.

It spit frequently. Spit into her womanhood, into her delicate mouth, onto her faultless body, up her soft creamy ass. It spit over and over and over again … more venom than one could imagine a snake would even have within it.

After every spew, Lucy’s body grew hotter and hotter and she hungrily consumed each and every drop again and again. She begged for Derrick to give her more. She was insatiable. Lucy would literally go all night with Derrick if given the chance.

Finally, after a virtual eternity, Derrick opened his eyes to find himself lying in his bed. His own stomach covered in a sticky lake of semen. The remainder of his body was drenched in sweat. He was panting and out of breath.

It had been at least 10 years since the last time that Derrick had experienced a nocturnal emission. Sure he had plenty as a teenager, but they had disappeared by the time he finished puberty. He wasn’t even aware that it was still possible at his age. But apparently it was and after all those years of nothing, he made up for it all in one night.

“I must really need to get a steady girlfriend,” he said out loud as he extricated himself from bed to go clean up the enormous mess. As he did, he noticed the clock on the nightstand read 4:01 a.m.

Entering the bathroom, he was groggy and unsteady having trouble even standing. He tried to use the sink for support as he lathered up a washcloth within its basin.

His whole body ached and he was beyond exhaustion. He was so tired as to be almost delusional. In fact at one point, he glanced up at the mirror and thought he saw writing on it in bright red lipstick. The writing that flashed before his eyes read “It’s now done. All your dreams come true, Derrick. You are mine. –L”

In the blink of an eye it was gone. It wasn’t even present long enough for his brain to process what he saw, or thought he saw. Derrick had other matters to attend to though, because he felt the urgent need to squat on the toilet as it seemed that mom’s meatloaf… the gift that keeps on giving, had decided it had stayed inside his body long enough and wanted out… right now.”

I hope you enjoyed chapter 1 of my latest release.  Anyone who had read the novel, please email me your thoughts.  I love getting feedback from my readers.


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  1. This one was great bought it last weekend and just finished.Didn't expect that ending. Hope you continue it more later too. (Jeremy from OCC)